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[gairo analysis] How to Lead an Alliance Effectively (External) | Player’s Guide

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The Landlord
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I. Intro
Regarding Diplomacy
Diplomacy is a special behavior that derives from one aspect of Immortal Conquest's core gameplay. The ultimate goal is to get more rewards and territories. As the game develops, it can be said that every alliance will enter an active or forced stage of diplomacy. No matter if it is a success or failure, it will greatly affect the next stage of development for allies.
Therefore, as a chief, you should carry out good diplomacy so that your allies can sit back and relax. Otherwise, war can erode your alliance, cause it to lose direction and even eliminate it.
In the end, no one alliance can go up against all alliances on the server and emerge victorious.

II. Alliance Organization
Currently there are three main types of organization that are popular:
1. Autocracy
Usually the chief or deputy chief will independently manage all affairs in the alliance. Usually this type of chief has had a lot of game time. The advantage is that intelligence is very concentrated. There is a low probability of failure, but there is an over-reliance on the personal abilities of the chief. The chief's level determines the survival rate of the entire alliance.
2. Centralized
Usually the chief's game time is shorter, so internal affairs matter, diplomacy and military affairs are delegated to ally players with high activity. In this type of mode, success is based on the command of multiple allies to perform their duties, not on the premise of authority. It's a more practical mode, but if someone starts thirsting for more power, than unexpected chaos can occur.
3. Parliament Vote
Usually, since the chief is a bit weaker or they have directly abandoned their leadership role, the number of participating people will become greater and greater as splits, alliances and seasonal turning points occur. Efficiency in dealing with alliance matters will also become less and less. This type of alliance is the easiest to become fragmented. There are many divisions case among different servers. However, there are many excellent implementations of this mode as well.

III. Basic Diplomacy Tasks
1. Intelligence Gathering
The most important diplomacy task is intelligence; alliances, affiliations, merges, hostilities and mutual standings. These diplomatic relations all start with intelligence gathering. The more intelligence that is gathered, the more accurate it is. You can only stand in an active, beneficial position and avoid being confused by rhetoric when you probe topics in-depth with other chiefs. This will also allow other chiefs to make the correct decisions and judgments.
2. Intelligence Sharing
No matter if you are using [Autocracy], [Centralization] or [Parliament] mode, intelligence sharing is very important. You must have someone who can grasp all intelligence you gather. That's right! All of it! No matter if you succeed or fail, no matter if you have short contact or in-depth discussions. You must reliably manage all chat content, parties and times. The chief's sharing can allow one or many people to get an understanding of the whole picture. This will greater ensure accurate judgments and increase the survival chance of the alliance.
You can often hear the story about how Alliance A and Alliance B joined together, but then Alliance A and Alliance C ended up attacking Alliance B. This actually happens largely because intelligence wasn't shared enough. For example, two separate people in Alliance A, not knowing what the other is doing, successfully join up with both Alliance B and Alliance C. But the person who talked to Alliance C has more power, so he commands Alliance A to attack Alliance B with Alliance C. Naturally this results in bad blood between Alliance A and B. This is a common story in the world of Immortal Conquest. Therefore, it is important for a certain amount of intelligence sharing when diplomatic relations are carried out.
3. Intelligence Summarizing
Summarizing intelligence is also a very important matter. Information gathered from different places can be true, false, real or fake. Therefore, you must assemble all information together to make judgments on it. If you ensure accuracy and efficiency of intelligence, you can more effectively carry out diplomacy with other alliances.
4. Division of Interests
Diplomacy is often carried out with victory in mind. That means division of interests must not be ignored. Being able to use reliable intelligence to bring the best benefit to an ally is a crucial diplomatic skill. Furthermore, using threats to divide interests is the easiest way to start a conflict. Therefore, it is best if they are used carefully.

IV. Intelligence Gathering Methods
If you are a diplomat and you only gather intelligence through chats and game mail, you should probably consider leaving your position.
You must use a variety of methods to gather intelligence: official data, infiltrating high levels of enemy armies, lesser intelligence reports from different regions, different LINE intelligence accounts, acquaintances and so on. There are thousands of ways to gather intelligence, so always be on the lookout. You can explore them on your own.

V. Anti-spy Diplomacy
As more and more experienced players join the game, the opportunities for spy infiltration also increase and the security for mail commands decreases. Therefore, using mail, chat and other channels to disseminate false information and root out spies is an advanced method of gameplay and is worth everyone’s researching.

Note: This guide is provided by players and does not represent the official stance of Immortal Conquest.

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