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[combination] Tips & Strategies on Capturing Cities | Player’s Guide

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The Landlord
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First of all, I confess that I am not a full-time demolitionist as I only have experience with a few sieges.
However, I am pleased that even though I never took much care with matching, I was able to win those sieges. That means you can too!

I. Core Elements to Sieges:
1. Positive Attitude: Assemble several teams, build several fortresses, upgrade a few levels. The more you put in, the more you get back.
2. Fortress Positions: Do your best to build fortresses that are close by. You can’t launch 5 attacks if they're too far away.
3. Team Matching: You must ensure that your teams have a certain amount of combat capabilities because you need to be able to eliminate the defending army to reduce the durability of the city.
4. Team Soldiers: The more soldiers the better to ensure maximum endurance. After all, we want to launch 5 attacks.
II. Siege Notes:
1. Don't expect allies to clear the path before you deploy your troops to occupy the area. That's cherry-picking and it's foolish. Always remember that whoever is first to establish a transit fortress will be able to quickly seize a good place. It's better to rely on yourself than wait for others.
2. Don't think that your Gairo aren't good enough. We use more soldiers to achieve victory. Any with a siege growth of 1 are pretty good Gairo. Out of 8 siege teams, at least 3 will be full of Rare Gairo, but they will be able to cause more than 1,500 siege damage.
3. You can separate your main team's Gairo into different siege teams to increase each team's enemy-slaying abilities. If damage output is insufficient and you're sieging a high-level city, then it's easy to end in a draw and the whole thing would be a waste.
4. Keep in mind a Gairo's range. Range does not matter during the siege itself, but it is necessary to defeat the defending army before the siege. If the team is weak overall and you'd rather switch them out for low siege, high-attack Gairo, then you must ensure that the rear Gairo have a range of over 3 so that they can hit enemies. The goal is not to draw! And you definitely must not be defeated!
5. Swiping two fingers on the screen can enlarge the screen and hide the messy screen with many troops, hence preventing your finger from clicking wrong places. Also, if you look at your own fortress, you'll see a number above it. This shows a real-time count of the troops that have returned to that fortress. You don't need to constantly tap troops to see the remaining return time.

III. Common Mistakes:
1. Putting slower teams in fortresses that are close to the city. This might not result in the greatest effect for both sides.
2. It's best to wait for the final wave of defenders to be defeated before deploying the siege team. One time, there was only 1/25 remaining. If you think that it takes 2 minutes for them to get there so you send them in advance, but what happens is it takes 6 minutes to defeat those defenders so the siege team gets destroyed.
3. When running short on time, you need to use gems to buy more time, but you should first look to see if there is any Gairo has been wounded. Otherwise, you could waste your gems.
4. After replacing a team Gairo, take a look at their speed. Sometimes you switch a Gairo and send them to the frontlines 2 hours before, but they don't get there when the battle starts. This is because that Gairo requires an extra hour to get there.
In short, hope that this guide will help you and your great alliance succeed in more sieges!

Note: This guide is provided by players and does not represent the official stance of Immortal Conquest.


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The Sofa
Post time 2017-2-10 11:18:51 | Show the author posts only
What 3* Gairo teams are going to have 500 siege?
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