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[combination] Basic principles for mix and matching

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The Landlord
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When choosing which Gairo to mix and match for the optimal combination, they are a
number of considerations to make:

1. Realm
At the level cap, the temples will add the following to the realms:
Three for the same realm, +10% to attack, speed, defense, and spirit.
Two for the same realm, +8% to attack, speed, defense, and spirit.
When they are all from different realms, there is no bonus.
The 10% is applied directly to all four attributes, and thus has a huge impact on your battle performance.
Especially for a legendary Gairo, the impact of a +10/8% will be even more significant after a successful raid.
Therefore, when you assign Gairo, the basic principle is to first group those from the same realm.

2. Type
Bonus for three cavalry: +10% to speed and attack
Bonus for three archers: +10% to speed and defense
Bonus for three infantry: +10% to attack and defense
The bonus reduces to 5% when you only have two of the same soldiers type.
Looking at how the bonus will be computed, each combination has its own advantages.
Relatively speaking, the cavalry is more suitable for physical and offensive attacks (Nordic cavalry).
Archers are more suitable for forming Spirit attacking teams (Egyptian archers)
Infantry is more suitable for tackling tough and sustained battles (Celtic infantry)
Try to choose those from the same type, as you cannot afford to ignore the realm bonus effect.

Tip: Avoid strategies where the infantry is in front and the archers are at the back. After your cavalry have attacked in the first round, follow up with the infantry to continue to hammer the enemy.
Some people even think of mixing all the types of cavalry, infantry and archers together. This is a strategy game, not an actual battle. We are aiming for stats only.

3. Attack range
The range is at least 3 for rear, 2 for center, and 1 for front.
This is basic common knowledge for assigning Gairo. You can ignore this only in the later part of the game where you have many legendary skills and specific Gairo.
This is included here to remind novice players who have just entered the game not to ignore the damage from a normal attack by a Mage even at the beginning of the game.

4. Skill range
When compared to the attack range, the skill range and scope are often easily overlooked.
Each skill has its own operational range and scope. If you are not careful, you will end up in situations where you can't defeat the other party, or your skill can only hit one enemy, and you suffer heavy losses because of your oversight.
Taking the Incantation of Death as an example: Effective range: 4
Target type: Enemy groups (2 to 3 targets within effective range)
Effective range and attack range are similar.
In other words, if the center and front forces use this skill, the effective range can hit all your enemies (3 targets).
If this is deployed by the rear, only the enemy's front and center are within the effective range (2 targets).
Based on this difference, if the Incantation of Death is deployed by the rear, you will lose the opportunity to cause damage to one more target.
All skills have the same attributes, whether physical or otherwise (all are of similar nature).
Maximizing the effectiveness of all skills is also an important consideration when assigning Gairo.


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