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[combination] Use resource rationally!

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The Landlord
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Ever since the game beta wasmade available, many players have attacked and conquered most of the Lv1, 2,and 3 land in their areas, but they now face the problem of how to use limited resourcesto allow their soldiers to conquer higher level land. Today, we will share howyou can cleverly utilize resources to do so.
There are four types ofresources in IC, namely wood, iron, stone and food. Of these, wood, iron andstone are used in buildings, while wood, iron and food are used during warcampaigns. These resources stem from the land’s hourly production, and the keyfactor that determines the hourly production is level of the territory. Thehigher the level of the territory, the more resources it produces.
As an example, look at thepicture below. The iron production for a Lv5 territory is 1,200 per hour.
But iron production is only420 per hour for a Lv4 territory. This is a difference of three times!
Until today, many playersencounter a bottleneck as they progress midway through the game - they areunable to break through to Lv5 and suffer heavy casualties as a result. This isnatural as it is a qualitative leap from Lv4 to Lv5 in terms of resourcegeneration.
So the question is, how canwe conquer a Lv5 territory? The only answer is to utilize resources wisely.

Territories at Lv5 or aboveare more difficult to conquer, as a Lv5 territory alone requires 9,000 soldiersto defend it. If you want to occupy a Lv5 territory, you must first use yourresources to upgrade the Government Hall, as this is where you can increase theCost limit on your troops. Moreover, you should build your barracks only afterthe Government Hall has advanced to level 7.
A lot of resources areneeded to upgrade the Government Hall. If you have blindly consumed resourcesduring your early war campaigns, you will not have sufficient resources toupgrade the Government Hall.
Once the Government Hall isat level 7, you can proceed to build the barracks. The good thing aboutbarracks is that they can increase the cap on the troops that the Gairo leads.
The higher the Gairo’slevel, the more troops the Gairo can lead. However, you need to note theGairo’s Cost value. If you have not upgraded the Government Hall, many Gairosthat you would like to deploy will not be available for you to use.
A common novice’s mistake isto continuously send out troops to conquer level 2 and 3 land in the beginningof the game, hence they use up their resources and do not have sufficientresources in the later part of the game to upgrade the technology tree, causingmany game novices to progress very slowly.
Novice Guide
Our suggestion to allplayers is to follow the novice guide to upgrade the buildings, instead ofadvancing blindly and wasting resources. When you start, don’t go aroundattacking fortresses and barracks, and don’t expand on a grand scale. If youdon’t have 15,000 soldiers, just stay where you have occupied to harvest theland and train your soldiers.
Using resources wisely meansthat you invest more resources in areas that are most conducive to your troopand territory development. Resources are limited, so if you don’t deploy yourresources correctly, by the time you need to build an army to battle a morepowerful enemy, your resources will have been stretched thin. Therefore,players must have a strategy when it comes to building the city and deploying soldiers.Don’t fight and attack every territory or city. You need to plan for the longterm.
About Land Occupation
Generally 600 soldiers issufficient to occupy a level 2 land. For level 3 land, you will need 1,400 ifyou are near, and 1,600 if far away, and you should ideally deploy 2,000soldiers to conquer the land. For level 4 land, you will reach a draw if youdeploy 2,600, maybe a win if you have 3,000, but a sure win if you deploy 4,000soldiers. When you are trying to conquer a land, the game will prompt you onthe outcome of your conquest. For example, “danger” means that the playercannot win, and hence they should withdraw to minimize the losses instead ofsending out more troops. But Gairo will gain experience regardless if thebattle is won or lost.


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The Sofa
Post time 2017-6-7 17:51:47 | Show the author posts only
Edited by MacBizzo at 2017-6-7 17:53

this is interesting, here is what you find... human ego.

example, you can tell players there is a guide.  there are two types of reactions... WOW COOL!  

then.... Negative Nancy

there are players born after the internet, they know everything and refuse to accept documentation as something to read or of any value.
this kind of player posts in world chat constantly just to bump other player info off the screen. No one is smarter then they are.

Bottom line?  Human Ego keeps people from learning thus they become completely useless and never establish a DAU. Personally I believe that the devs are awesome presenting a seasonal model, thus inactive's never clog the system.
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