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[skill analysis] Top 15 Legendary Skills | Player’s Guide

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Top 15 Legendary Skills | Player’s Guide
  Note: The ranking is purely a personal point of view and is only meant to be for reference; from what I’ve observed from actual battles. Due to the popularity of spirit groupings, rankings for the control skills are slightly higher than that of controlled normal attack skills.

15. Spirit Form

More practical for specific Gairo with high grouping requirements. 40% bonus is also not very impressive.

14. Spirit Punishment

The probability is not low, and the damage caused is considerable, the two most important attributes with their steep coefficients are also very practical. Ymir\'s second greatest skill. Match with shock to reverse your fortunes.

13. Hex

Not suitable for a front-line strong team, but this is an incredible common counterattack technique and can surprise you from time to time. It feels great to defeat a mighty god, doesn\'t it?

12. Swift

The actual effects are not very good, but what\'s great about this is that it can be grouped with many Gairo, and because threaten is now very common, its practicability is sometimes not as good as repeated attacks. It is in the ranking because it includes a +30 attack and an offensive capability.

11. Shy

Practicality is equivalent to blockade, but personally, I feel that a spirit skill that nullifies effects is slightly superior to an attack that does the same.

10. Blockade

Suitable for Macha and other cleaving types. If you are lucky, you can nullify two, and the damage output is quite good. The only disadvantage is that the probability is too low.

9. Deserted City

Suitable for Gairo with front output responsibilities. If you are good, you can absorb a lot of damage in two rounds. Especially formidable for cleave groupings who want to explode their output in the first three rounds.

8. Crackdown

Effect is similar to bounty but its disadvantages are also similar to bounty. But also because of the existence of Gairo like Amon, its practicality is slightly lower than that of bounty.

7. Bounty

Damage plus skill that is relatively more suitable for cleave groupings. However, when compared to skills like dodge, this can be countered by skill types like intermediate confusion and threaten which practically wipe out all its effects directly. So its ranking is not as good as others that reduce damage.

6. Persuade

Effect is similar to dodge and is ranked slightly lower because of the existence of Gairo like Amon. The ability to eliminate a damaging effect on oneself is greater than the ability to destroy beneficial effects enjoyed by enemies. So the effect is not as good as dodge.

5. Dodge

This skill is able to counteract the effects of skills like intermediate confusion or threaten, and Anubis\' skills as well as cleave groups. Amazing effects on teams with strong potential. Especially good for restraining cleave groups that exploded in the first three rounds.

4. Threaten

Many people probably think that this skill should be on the same footing as intermediate confusion, but in fact, the actual effects are far less impressive than intermediate confusion. The reason is that it is too difficult to complete a cleave grouping, making cleave groups a rare sight in battles. That is why its ranking is much lower (this may be controversial as I expect different players to have different points of view).

3. Disturb

Its confusion effects for two rounds are pretty powerful, and this is really practical in an era where control needs to be matched with output. The disadvantage is that the single preparation round can be easily interrupted and intermediate confusion is its bane.

2. Shock

There is no other skill that produces a greater explosive output than shock. When Ymir, Balor or Horus is matched with this, they can create damage greater than 8,000.

1. Intermediate Confusion

Control and restrain the opponent\'s spirit masters for three rounds, and in an age where spirit masters are everywhere, this is no doubt the best skill to have.

Note: This guide is provided by players and does not represent the official stance of Immortal Conquest.


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