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[gairo analysis] 5-Star Gairo Analysis (5) | Player’s Guide

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The Landlord
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1.  Anubis

  • Skill
  • Netherland Trial:
  • In the first 2 turns of the battle, the enemy team will not be able to launch normal attacks. After this effect, a strong spirit attack will be launched against the enemy team (damage rate 107.5%, affected by spirit). The damage caused cannot be avoided.

   Comment Anubis is one Gairo that is full of surprises, and this legendary Gairo in the current version is very much sought after. Before this Gairo is weakened, he carries the malevolence skill that can control the effects of normal attacks by opponents for up to 7 rounds. However, even after he is stripped of his powers, Anubis is still the nemesis of groups equipped with a cleave as he still has confuse type skills like intermediate confusion and lightning that can nullify the effects of active skills. Anubis at the front is an opponent's nightmare. For the first two rounds, the damage suffered by your troops can be extremely low. If your soldiers manage to inflict significant damage on your opponent during the first two rounds, then for subsequent rounds, there is not much left of your opponent for them to make an impact as a loss in the number of soldiers directly translates to a loss in output. Any serious player will already know the best way to deploy Anubis. The Egyptian camp is currently almost unstoppable. I will not go on any further since Anubis has been discussed about so often. The main tactic is to simply place Anubis at the front with spirit and control type skills, or gust to complement the powerful output.

2. Osiris

  • Skill
  • Nebertcher:
  •   Both team can't recover soldiers. The attack attributes of allied team will be increased by 26.5 (affected by spirit), which lasts 2 turns
  Comment Osiris is another core development path for those who want to use the cleave technique. He will add power to your attacks while making sure that your opponent cannot recover. Theoretically, Osiris is most effective when placed at the front with auxiliary control skills to complement the output. I was lucky and managed to draw Osiris 3 times without spending actual hard currency. However, I chose to dismantle Osiris for the threaten skill. This is because for the active plus buff skill that Osiris has, the right group mates as well as the physical output of the troops he is grouped with really do matter. For example, if Osiris is grouped with Sphinx, what happens if Sphinx fails to launch his repeated attacks when Osiris launches his skill? Similarly, what will happen if Macha is grouped with Osiris and is unable to use his chase skill to support Osiris? Personally, I feel that any strategy that depends on a probability of two occurrences is just too risky, and that is why I have never thought of grouping Osiris with anybody, and on this particular Gairo, I urge everybody to review how you deploy this Gairo.

3.  Uranus

  • Skill
  • Strength of Titan:
  •   Starting from the round 3 of the battle, at the cost of being unable to restore soldiers, increases the attack range by 1. Splits the forces, dealing damage to enemies nearby after attacks (damage rate 35%). At the same time, it will also make the enemy army enter panic status and lose soldiers each round (damage rate 29.5%, affected by spirit) till the end of the battle.

  Comment Uranus is one legendary Gairo that is relatively easy to summon. No matter how rich or poor a player you may be, you will definitely be able to get at least one. It is recommended that you use Uranus at the rear to output physical attack and try to make sure he is grouped with other Gairo who can last for at least two rounds. When grouped with skills like repeated attacks, trail, and passion, his output can be very high but the downside is that his attack growth rate is too low. If passion is not available, try to pick other auxiliary skills that can help him increase the damage caused by his attacks. I think that in the absence of any Gairo with excellent output, Uranus is a pretty good choice.

4.  Hyperion

  • Skill
  • Sunlight:
  • Launches a fierce physical attack against a single enemy troop (damage rate 162.5%), and makes target enter chaos status, which lasts 2 turns
  Comment Hyperion's own skill is akin to an upgraded chaotic attack which is a very effective control skill. He can be placed at the front with return the fire or chaotic attack for control purposes, or in the center with stored power or shock (there are players who grouped with repeated attacks or trail) as the main attacker. A pathetic spirit growth is his main flaw, and of course, that matches his character perfectly. As he is susceptible to injury inflicted by powerful magic spells, it will be tough if he has to face a team with powerful spirit but his control and output will be his greatest assets in such instances.

5.   Hades

  • Skill
  • Underworld Odor:
  • Decreases the enemy army’s attack and spirit attributes by 11 (affected by spirit), which lasts 2 turns. During this time, whenever they attempt to cast active skills, they will enter hex status and lose a certain amount of soldiers (damage rate 70%, affected by spirit)

  Comment Hades does not have speed and is a hindrance in early stages of the game although his spirit growth is high enough for him to produce a reasonable output with group skills. As the center spiritual type, his output will be better. If he is placed at the rear, he will need Gairo like Britomartis and Ra who can nullify normal attacks to complement his own skill before he can produce a reasonable output. However his skill does not cause instantaneous damage, and the output will be pointless if his opponent does not use active skills. Not your best option for a spirit output but worth a try.

Note: This guide is provided by players and does not represent the official stance of Immortal Conquest.


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