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[Game Analysis] Anubis– A Tank Born with Effect of Threaten(English)

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Anubis– A Tank Born with Effect of Threaten


Netherland TrialIn the first 2 turns of thebattle, the enemy team will not be able to launch normal attacks. After thiseffect, a strong spirit attack will be launched against the enemy team (damagerate 107.5%, affected by spirit). The damage caused cannot be avoided.
Dismantle Skill:

Crackdown:In the first3 turns after the battle begins, increases the damage the enemy team receivesfrom attacks and spirit attacks by 15% (affected by spirit)

Recommended Position: Front

1.  Basic Attributes: Anubis’ defense growth is 2.23, and is the highest one, which meanshe can be put in Front to absorb plenty of damage received. While his value ofattack and spirit is relative high, adding stats to spirit enables him to increasedamage output, as well as reduce damage received.
2.  Attack Range: his attack range is 4, which can be put in any position theoretically
3.  Initial Skill: his initial skill is 5, which can make enemy unable to launch normalattack, and launch a strong spirit attack against theenemy team, whose damage can not be avoided.
Above all,  Anubis is supposed to be in Front to absorb damage, control enemy and deal bigamount of damage output at the same time.

Train Guidance:

Tank Gairo, who can do control on enemy and deal damage output

Skill Collocation:

Skills dismantled from 5-star Gairo: Surprise Attack + Intermediate Confusion
Skills dismantled from 4-star Gairo: Lightning, Malevolence, Gust etc.

Gairo Combination
Anubis, a Gairo equipping with effect of Threaten, can be Front Gairo for ANY team. Itis recommended to group with Gairos that in the same Real or Class Type so thatthe team can enjoy more realm bonus and class bonus.

Add Stats:

Adding status for Anubis depends on his development:
Speed(adding to speed can increase the chance to attack first, especially in battleof PVP)
Spirit (adding to spirit can increase his spirit damage output in battle of PVE)

Class Conversion:

Scouts:can greatly increase his defense and reduce losses in battle, which is suitablefor Front Gairo.


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