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Title: Announcement Of Server 5 Openning [Print this page]

Author: Esqueleto    Time: 2017-1-15 22:23
Title: Announcement Of Server 5 Openning
Dear Lord,
We will be opening Server 5 this Monday,9:00 am, January 16th,2017 PST
Now call along friends and be the first to join in ! 

For more information about Immortal Conquest, please visit NetEase Games official website: 
Immortal Conquest Operating Group

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Author: ryanmatt    Time: 2020-5-16 22:41
I am glad to know that you have new server for this game. I have one question is that possible to transfer my account from server 4 to server 5?
Author: saeed20    Time: 2020-6-15 11:30
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