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Title: Introduction Of Legion [Print this page]

Author: Echole    Time: 2017-5-3 01:49
Title: Introduction Of Legion
Thank you for your love and dedication forImmortal Conquest. Now that some players have noticed the Legion preview, we’remore than glad to talk about it.

Simply, the aim of the Legion is to buildmember engagement and increase alliance collaboration with a focus on Alliance,Legion and NPC Cities. In Immortal Conquest, the most common interactionbetween players is the communication within the troops, be it player vs. playerfighting, joint road-paving or rallied siege, which all serve as essentialmeans to maintain the friendship with allies and foes. Immortal Conquest assuch is a game highlighting interaction. Therefore, we will further strengthenthese means in Legion.

When the Alliance occupied a Center City,the Chief is entitled to appoint someone as the General. The General can followcertain steps to establish a Legion within the Center City.

Legion is made up of troops in theAlliance. Briefly, the ally can hand over the troops command to the General toachieve greater collaborative action.

As a Legion with multiple troops, itfeatures completely distinct settings in land conquering, siege and player vs.player fighting. The Legion is composed of different hierarchies which areheaded by different troops. Namely, each troop plays an important role in theLegion. Hence, how to employ the combination of these troops of differentnations, features and forces is a big challenge for the General in terms of thedecision making and situation judgment.

For instance, General can specify multiple targets inLegion Dispatch. Since each troop varies in the time to reach targeted land,the General must predict that time and assign appropriate targets for eachtroop to maximize the profit of linked land and paved roads, or attack singletarget in batches according to its intensity. It’s worthwhile for the Generalto think twice how to arrange the Legion formation and maximize the power ofeach troop to realize multiple 1>N.

Players can “lend “ their troops to General throughLegion and free themlves from battle.

The General can also ally multiple troops into his ownlegion to link land and expand more effectively.

The troops can be diversified: front, mainforce, siege and support. Each troop can find its place in the collaborative action.

In line with the philosophy of Immortal Conquest,strategy is always the core. When designing Legion we did not adopt commonmeans to directly improve the player’s battle. Instead, different disposition ofLegion will lead to different results. The shift from single-troop-planning tomultiple-troop-coordination remains not only a brand-new challenge but also away to unprecedented achievements.

New version of Immortal Conquest is expected to be released in May 4thand the Legion is coming soon.

(For final content, pleaseaccess the game)

Author: Zaknafein    Time: 2017-11-6 15:41
How to deploy legions? This article doesn't explain how nor does wiki.
Author: Morpheus    Time: 2017-11-6 18:37
Zaknafein replied at 2017-11-6 15:41
How to deploy legions? This article doesn't explain how nor does wiki.

For a legion you need to have a capital city first (you can see it by clicking on your region map, the cities encircled are capital cities) Once you have that your chief will appoint a general and will unlock the option to rally your troops to that city. The general can go into his generals office (needs to be built) and form a front rear or center with up to 5 teams he received. Afterwards  he can send them to forts (forts need to be able to contain all the teams present in the legion)

Author: Zed    Time: 2017-12-26 14:15
How do you get your troops to exchange from Maine city to sub city
Author: Zed    Time: 2017-12-26 14:22
How do you get your troops from your main city to your sub city
Author: Morpheus    Time: 2017-12-27 07:11
You can't you need to remove them all in main and conscript again.
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