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Title: login issue [Print this page]

Author: Trudeacon    Time: 2017-4-7 20:35
Title: login issue
I can't login after update.  It gets stuck on the siege page.
Author: stunkcuf    Time: 2017-4-8 07:04
My contact experiance via facebook messanger

Hi Lord ********, sorry for the poor experience and rest assured that dev is working hard on the login issue.
To assist us in resolving it quickly, could you provide
1) which server you cannot log in ,
2) location,
3) device model. Please also provide screenshot of the page with error notification.

We will strive to resolve the login issue asap first, thank you very much.

This was my reply on the facebook page.

samsung galexy s6
not giving option to boot to server and i want to say it was something like server 1.1<==not to sure
region is ireland
my location is (city) oregon so would be a west coast server connection

Might help them if others provide the same either in the bug/fix area or msg them on facebook like i did.

but they are aware of the issue

hope this helps others! ;)

Author: Brantoc    Time: 2017-4-8 09:09
stunkcuf replied at 2017-4-8 07:04
My contact experiance via facebook messanger

Hi Lord ********, sorry for the poor experience and re ...

Exact same Screenshots. I'm on a Samsung S6 Edge +, Server 10 and in the US.

Author: Proteus    Time: 2017-4-8 14:22
Samsung Galaxy View. Same story.
Been going on since the update.
I play Server 3. But don't even get far enough to tell it to go to Server 3.

Author: Brantoc    Time: 2017-4-8 15:01
From what they are saying on facebook, seems the older version 1.1.12 works but you have to find the apk online somewhere and download it..

don't use androidappsapk .co, they try to install trojans before and during download. Ads are also questionable.

androidappsgame .com, shows on Google as 1.1.12, but they only have 1.1.13 now. does seem to have it,. just try not to click the ads, some of them are .. Questionable.. Also they REALLY want you to install VLC, and Clash of Clans. Don't.. It does pass AV check.

Author: Trudeacon    Time: 2017-4-8 17:54
That is the exact same screen that I see and I can't login on any server.  My phone is a LG V10,  playing on server 11, and my location is st. louis, MO.

Author: SirCraig    Time: 2017-4-9 01:15
Same here, server 4 Samsung 6

Author: stunkcuf    Time: 2017-4-9 03:51
im using the 1.1.12 apk and have been using it since yesterday.

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