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Title: Houses of the future: half-timbered houses from Ecocomplect [Print this page]

Author: dankeegan    Time: 2021-5-19 13:33
Title: Houses of the future: half-timbered houses from Ecocomplect
Would you like to live in a home built with centuries of technology and a 25-year manufacturer's warranty? Such solutions are offered by Ecocomplect, which was founded by Sergey Domogatsky. He became the first entrepreneur in Russia who turned to the traditional half-timbered building and at the same time was able to significantly improve the construction methodology, reducing its cost.

What is Domogatsky Fachwerk?

These buildings have a special frame structure of diagonal, vertical and horizontal elements connected to each other. Standard frame houses are usually built from wood with natural moisture content and with a high coefficient of expansion. But Ecocomplect uses exclusively glued laminated timber, so the building does not shrink, and the deformation rate is only 1%.

One of the key features of Fachwerk Domogatsky is panoramic glazing. The windows occupy the entire front surface of the building, which gives a special effect: even on a cloudy day, the interior is quite light.

At the same time, all houses have the highest energy efficiency indicator - A ++, in the basic configuration - A +. This is achieved, among other things, through the use of double-glazed windows from Guardian Glass with a thermal resistance of 1.42. The products of this well-known manufacturer meet the requirements of the national GOST 24866-2014, and the glasses are resistant to mechanical damage and remain intact even if a brick hits.

As a result, in a house with an area of ​​127 m2, even in a harsh Russian winter, you can maintain a comfortable temperature with just 2 heaters with a power of 1.5 kW!

Sergei Domogatsky also uses PIR insulation in his homes, which was used to insulate the fuel tanks of the Buran space shuttle. It is manufactured in accordance with GOST 56590-2016 and is characterized by 100% tightness, which excludes the appearance of a dew point and guarantees high energy efficiency.

Another advantage is its excellent fire resistance: when exposed to high temperatures, the insulation is carbonized with the formation of a carbon crust, which prevents further penetration of fire. Read the full info here

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