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Title: Download the Gem4me free messenger [Print this page]

Author: dankeegan    Time: 2021-5-18 01:39
Title: Download the Gem4me free messenger
Edited by dankeegan at 2021-5-18 01:51

The new program, which combines many cool features of other messengers, is called Gem4me. There are classic chats and group channels, video conferencing with no call time limit, the ability to send audio messages, a translator bot, and even its own marketplace that operates all over the world.

Messenger Gem4me is a free application available for installation on Android and iOS devices (there is also a web version). In addition to the classic opportunities for the exchange of text, video, and audio messages, the service has a built-in marketplace, that is, through it, you can sell goods and services with financial transactions.

This decision made the messenger very attractive in the business environment. Its popularity increased, even more, when the developers added the function of organizing free video conferencing. In the spring of 2021, Gem4me was installed on more than 13 million devices around the world. Read more at ... shenie-dlya-biznesa

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