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[combination] Title Bonus - Lords Of The World

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The Landlord
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Title Bonus - Lords Of The World

Lords Of The World (Amon, Arthur, Odin) is by far one of the best teams you can make in game . It boasts +25 towards all stats to gairos that are already powerhouses by themselves. The bonus really assists the group with siege adding +75 ontop of the troops total siege ability. Amon brings added defense and cure from status effect to the whole team. Arthur one of the best healers in the game shines healing for this team due to each gairos tanky stats. Odins ability to lower all enemy stats by 15% really takes away from enemy gairos strongest stats tipping the scales in your favor. At first I could not see the beauty in all this but when i put the group through trial and tribulation I couldnt believe the results. Now this team does come with some cons. First, these gairo are hard to obtain. Second, These gairos can be used to make other teams better giving you more teams. Third, some builds can be skill intensive making other teams skill needs take the back seat. The team is the most versatile and can be used for pretty much anything. Its great for PVP and NPC battles. The biggest benefit i have found is it very easy to lvl this group due to its healing overal bulk which equals minimals losses. Lets get into the indepth stuff.


First, just add the +25 bonus to all stats so you can really appreciate it (doesnt calculate in until the battle). What really makes Odin great is his stats. I suggest putting all points into spirit for added tankyness and to really get the full benefit from premonition. Premonition is probably the best skill to use on with this team. It gives him first strike,  a counter attack based off his spirit and gives him immunity from status skill like disturbed hex etc every turn. Looking at his spirit stat you can tell the counter attack will be pretty strong. All damage Odin makes will be from premonition. Premonition pairs geat with crater. For the first 2 turns crater will make Odin asbord all physical attacks from he enemy and decrease damage dealt to him by 70%. Crater with premonition pretty much labels Odin as a steriod user. Crater is also there for those pesky chase team like Ares, Sif, Thanatos... Rah, Sphinx Anubis. Below on the left is an image with the damage he takes vs gives counter attacking. You will be surprised on how little damage Odin takes when up against these teams. Also the more times he is attacked the more chances he gets to heal from Arthurs Avalon skill.

Odins main skill Valhalla really tips the scales during the battle. Above right side image shows how much Valhalla reduced the best stats from a lvl 42 team on a LVL 8 tile in S3. Overall great tank.


Again, just add the +25 points all stats. Arthur is not the most impressive gairo with his base stats even at high lvls. The bonus really gives him good tank stats for a mid. Avalon awesome skill with a 50% chance to heal some losses every time any member of your troop is attacked. Healing is general about 350 every time you get damage. Now to get the most out that healing pair Avalon with Persuade. With his +25 bonus at my Arthurs lvl persuade decreases damage the enemy can put out by 51% for 3 turns. That is pretty huge. With Persuade, Avalon will be able to heal more soldiers than the enemy troop can kill if it procs. Great for survivabilty and minimizing loses. Persuade also works with all Odins Skills. It is pretty standard for the middle troop to have
a CC skill (status/ crowd control.. hex disturbed etc) so giving arthur hex or another CC skil is not a bad idea. Also hex has a added bonus for diverting the enemy CC skills and ATKs at themselves for 2 turns. A strong enemy team could do 3k - 5k to itself in 2 turns. Overall great healer and support even more so on this team.


Amon is pretty much the damage dealer of this team. Hes got 2 long range spirit attacks that hit the whole enemy troop. Looking at this team you would think man it could not possibly do much damage. It was one of the reason why i ran from it when i started building it the first time. This group was not meant to do a crap ton of damage. It can but ill get into that later with battle reports and all the good stuff. So Throne Gaurd is pretty much his main job along with damage. Throne gaurd gives the entire troop avoidance status for the next three hits and added defense for 2 turns along with uring any status effects from the enemy troop. At my Amons current lvl everyone gets a +57 def bonus for 2 turns which is huge. As rear  

support and damage dealer Amon gets the job done. His ATK ouput varies drasticly. It depends on how much CC skills from the enemy hit, How much times Hex robbed him of souls and how much souls Odin took.

Team Mechanics                                                                          
This team works by supressing the enemy attribute stats, surpressing there total damage output, taking advantage of them being supressed to maximize healing and overpowering them by stats. It also provides high rate CC, avoidance with def buffs and status cure. Really big explaination just to say it a slow killing healing team. I really liked it in war PVP because it has the ability to draw with minimal loses. You get a draw...enemy team is wrecked... you take about 6k plus or minus then the next team finishes the job rinse wash repeat. Poorly built or weak teams dont draw. Usually only the strong team team draw. Below is one of many Battle Reports showing some findings. The more attack oriented the enemy team is the more

heals Avalon wil bring. This fight had about 11k heals mostly becasue the enemy was using a line formation team. Also you notice how Odin is front and took the least damage against a archer team. Atum also took minimal losses he almost as tanky as odin with his own healing but the mid and rear aren't especially Bastet. Use it for PVP you will be surprised with alot of the results. Below is a S3 lvl 9 tile I attempted, S3 NPC teams are tough and well built wouldnt recommend them for training. However a lvl 8 tile is great for this team will take very small loses and conscript fast just ATK from  a tile distance of 5-7.

You will start to notice this team is stronger against physical attacking teams spirit based teams hold up to it pretty good. Due to the amount of draws this team can get it is not good for high lvl district training in S3. The defenders will allows recover wounded soldiers after you beat the gaurd. A lvl 6-7 city can get you about 200k exp due to that reason. That should be as high as you go. Next is a lvl 8 tile very easy compared to the 9. Very effective for training this team 160k exp a hit. All Battle reports for the lvl 8 tiles when your about lvl 40 will look the same the team is very consistent. For lvl 9 they will vary loses are usually higher and you may only win 7 out of 10 times but you will always draw the second team.

All in all a great team with many benefits dont take my word for it. Test it out for yourself and im sure it will exceed your expectations.


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