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[English] [Strategy] Vital Preparations You Cannot Miss for Season 2

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The Landlord
Vital Preparations You Cannot Miss for Season 2

As we all know, season 2 is just around the corner. What should we do to prepare for it? Let’s start here.
1. Sufficient Gems
At the end of Season 1, we will prepare two Extinct Card Packs which include SPECIAL GAIROS. One is Conqueror Card Pack which is only available for alliance who has successfully occupied the Delphi in Season 1,  another is Challenger Card Pack. Gairos there can be summoned with 398 gems per time, and you can summon only 20 times in total in this Pack.

1) Please prepare enough gems (almost 6000~8000 gems) to summon SPECIAL GAIRO in this Pack for this pack is time-limited.
2) Conqueror Card Pack has two Gairos—HERACLES and METIS, which won’t appear in Challenger Card Pack

2. Ample Gairos
In new season, everything will be reset except for the Gairos and Skills. Therefore, we should hoard Gairos as many as we can so that more skill EXP can be converted from Gairo in next season.
1) Enhance all your 3 star-Gairos to full red stars, or do as many as possible
2) Build more subcities on lv.6 lands and level up Bank to produce more and more coins to summon Gairo with using up all the coins.

3. Indispensable Gairos in S2 for faster conquest of land
In new season, to clear the territory is to occupy resourcelands as fast as possible and to raise main armies faster. We should be awarethat battle loss and total cost are the two most important aspects for choosingthe Gairo clearing the territory. Gairo needed:
1)  Indispensable Gairo – Theia
Why do we need Theia?
1. The experience a Gairo gets incombat depends on the number of enemies killed. Theia's initial skill allowsher army to get first strike; it will give her more combat experience.
2. You can upgradel your Gairosquickly without losses by attacking a nearby Lv. 5 land. Theia and the otherGairos can attack city with 100 soldiers each and you do not waste time orresources calling conscripts.
Tips: At the end of Season 1, try to hoard several fully improvedTheia, so you can use them alternately when a Theia is exhausted.
2) Specially suitable Gairos forthe conquest of land:
1. Britomartis: A pretty Gairowith a low cost of 2, so it can be easily combined with other Gairos. Their initialskill provides damage and has a controlling effect on the enemy, making themvery suitable for conquest of land.
2. Nephthys: A low-cost Gairo, soit can be paired with other Gairos easily. Their initial skill provides damageand recovers soldiers, which can greatly reduce casualties.
3. Circe: Low cost of 2 and hasgood damage with the initial skill
4. Sphinx: An excellent Gairo witha low cost of 2.5, which can be used both in the center and rear, and whose initialskill can damages and controls enemy.
5. Aphrodite: A low-cost Gairo forthe front, whose initial skill recovers soldiers and reduces casualties incombat.
6.  Anubis: Another excellent Gairowith high costs and a control skill, he can launch two controlled states to theenemy and perfect to conquer land in the new season.

4. Indispensable skills in S2
As the new season's field defenders will be much more powerful thanthe first season, the Gairo only use their original skills to help you clearthe territory, but with the high loss of battle and the high possibility offailing. Here we will recommend some important skills to clear the territory:
1) 4-star skill: Lightning,Intrigue, Pillage, and Stored Power. When your Gairo do not have a stableability to control the enemy, recommendation skills are your first choice, theyhave a high launch rate and do not need preparation time.
2) 5-star skill: Prompt, Threaten.Prompt launches the attack effect first, Threat controls the enemy and preventsits normal attack. Of course, they are the most powerful for the start of thenew season. Do not forget to win them as soon as possible!
(Threaten is dismantled from Osiris and Freyr)
(Prompt is dismantled from Thanatos, Ares and Ymir)


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This is a strategy that I am going to use for season 2. I think with this strategy, I can pay for essay that I've not been able to do for a long time. This will be beneficial for me and I can't wait to use this.
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