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[English] Gairo Focus: Apollo

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The Landlord
Post time 2017-11-16 21:24:56 | Show the author posts only Reply Awards |Descending |Read mode
Gairo Focus: Apollo – The Strongest Tank to contains damages from aggressive enemies

Apollo’s initial skill consists of 3 parts. In addition, he can be converted to infantry, which gives you lots of options to mix and match. Today we’ll show you how to convert him to infantry and to tank advantage of him as a Half-Tank, Half-Physical Damage Dealer.

Initial Skill - Blazing Bolt
Launches an attack against the enemy troop (damage rate 140%), decreases the targets' active skill damage output by 50% and increases all damage they receive from active skills by 25%. Lasts 2 turns

Recommended Skill: Half Tank, Half Damage
1. Preferred Skill: Return the Fire ,or skills that can increase the team damage output
2. Second Preferred Skill: A skill that can increase his own attributes,such as Defensive Stance etc.,in order to improve his chance of survival.

Gairo Combination:
Recommended Combination: Hades + Hera + Apollo
1. After converting his class, he can enjoy both the Class Bonus (Infantry) and Realm Bonus (Olympus).
2. Hades damage output depends on the number of active skills triggered by the enemy (the more active skills triggered, the more Hades will deal damage),Apollo’s initial skill reduces the enemy damage combined with Hera’s initial skill, it makes a double damage reduction. When Facing Urd,Thor or Ymir etc. that rely on active skills to deal damage, it will greatly reduce the enemy’s damage while at the same time Hades will easily deal a dozen thousand damage.
3. Choosing Skills combination, give Hades some AoE damage skill as main skill, give Hera multi-target heal skills, and Apollo would have a role of increasing his own resistance in order to absorb more damage.

Add Stat: Attack
Class Conversion: Heavy Infantry/Heavy Cavalry


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The Sofa
Post time 2020-5-18 16:19:20 | Show the author posts only
Apollo  is the Strongest Tank that helps us in the game. I saw people are using this tank and are getting benefit in the game. Many people do bid4papers to find more detail of these tools we use in this game.
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