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[English] Cernunnos - the best Disabler against Sorcerers in S3

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The Landlord
Edited by Eric at 2017-11-3 03:29

Weekly Focus: The best Disabler against Sorcerers in S3 - Cernunnos

Cernunnos is able to master powerful group control skills (preventing enemies from launching active skills) and to decrease spirit attributes of enemies. He is the best choice against spirit damage dealer in S3. Today, we are going to give you some more hints about how to make his deal massive damages as a support when placed in the army middle.

Initial Skill (Max level) - Forest Guardian
Reduces the whole enemy troop's Spirit by 6%. This effect stacks each turn. Also silences the enemy troop for the first 2 turns of battle, preventing them from using active skills

Recommended Skills: Control + Damage (Same as Frigga in middle)
5-star skills: Threaten, etc.
4-star skills: Spirit Flames, Thunder, Lightning, Labyrinth and so on
1. As he has a great spirit attribute growth (2.86), giving his damage skills could be the best choice to cause explosive damage.
2. His initial skill is similar to Threaten and even more powerful in controlling. Combining it with other control skills can provide a very safe environment for other damage dealers in the team.

Gairo Combination:
Heracles + Cernunnos + Aphrodite
Cernunnos is suitable for many combinations. This team is one of the most used in the game, but some might prefer to use Frigga or Britomartis instead of Cernunnos.
1. Compared to Frigga, his control skill is even more stable (100% control). His damage decreasing skill is much better than Frigga’s one in the late rounds of a battle.
2. Compared to Britomartis, his spirit attribute growth is better and Cernunnos good to prevent enemies from launching active skills whereas Britomartis is prevent them from launching normal attacks.

Add Stats: Spirit

Class Conversion: Longbowmen


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