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[Event For Immortal]Share strategies! With Amazon Gift Card and Gift Code

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The Landlord
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[Event]Strategies Sharing Time! With Amazon Gift Card and Gift Code

Dear lord, it's time to share strategies!

How to provide production? How to build an invicible troop? How to spread fast?

Share experiences and help others!

Active Time---


Rewards     ---

Players whose strategies are eligible will get reward below:

  1. You mus open a new thread in [Comprehensive discussion area] in format below: >>click here to post new thread quickly<<
  2. Lucky gift A(6 persons):10$ Amazon gift voucher

    we will pick up 6 persons randomly from all the players who participated in this event to get the reward.

  3. Master gift code:

    player who writes more than 3 eligible strategies  will get the master gift code.

  4. Lucky gift B(8 persons): 10$ Amazon gift card

    we will pick up 8 persons randomly from players who write more than 3 strategies to get the reward.

  5. Athena gift A: 20$ Amazon gift card (3 players) and a premier game gift code

    players' strategy threads must accord with the follwoing terms: Top 3 of the total score.

              score rules:quality of thread(20%)+thread replies(30%)+ thread page view(60%).
              For example, 30 people commented the thread, and thread view is 2880.Then your scoce is (30*0.3+2880*0.7)

Event Rules---
  1. You mus open a new thread in [Comprehensive discussion area] in format below: >>click here to post new thread quickly<<

    1)Title: [Athena epic]+ your ID+ your title

    2) Content concludes pictures and words to describe your opinion and experience.

    3) If you don't like write articles ,also can record game video to show strategies.

  2. Game ID, nick name and server is needed in articles. 

Tips must know---
  1. Lucky gift A and Lucky gift B  can get in the meantime, but other gifts (besides lucky gift A and lucky gift B) CAN ONLY GET ONE.

  2. A player(same game ID and same forum UID is regarded as the same person) can get most 3 gifts. If gifts amount is over 3, we will send 3 gifts only accroding to value-high-to-low principle.

  3. We will send gift within 7 working days.

  4. All rights persevered by Immmotal Conquest Official Forum.


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The Sofa
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I hope I posted that correctly ;)
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