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[English] Gairo Focus: High Output Rear Garo--Yimir

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Edited by Eric at 2017-12-7 04:52

Gairo Focus: High Output Rear Garo--Ymir

Initial Skill (Max Level)
Ravager Increases the damage caused by the first attack eachround by 70%
Dismantle Skill(Max Level)
Mortal ComboIn the first 2 turns after the battle begins, allows selftroop to move first and make two normal attacks in each round, and increasesattack by 30.0
Recommended Position: Rear
1. BasicAttributes: As we could see, Ymir’s attack growth is far above his spirit,which makes him no doubt to be a high normal attack Gairo.
2. Attack Range: the Gairo’s attack range is 3, evenbeing put at Rear can attack the enemy’s Front.
3. Initial Skill: His initial skill is active skill whose rate is 100%, but if enemy’s speed is faster, and this buff still has no chance to take effect.
TrainGuidance: High Normal Attack Gairo
Recommended Skills:
Ymir’s initial skill is to enhance the damage of first attack, which makes him be able to do extremely high damage in a short tie, which is different from Macha who can do another attack within one round. Therefore, active skill is a nice skill for him to take out his advantage.
5-star skill: active skills such as Shock,  Spirit Punishment,  
4-star skill: active skills such as Chaotic Attack, Stored Power, Defeating
Note:  Flying Arrows and Defeating are able to be learned after the Gairo being switched to Archer.
Gairo Combination
Ymir ( Rear ) + Thor ( Center )+ Odin ( Front )
Analysis: Ymir can do great output while Thor can do spirit output, which makes this team have a enough damage output. And Odin is a super tank,who can reduce enemy’s attributes.
Add Stats:  
Class Conversion:
Cavalry Archer: After being converted to Cavalry Archer, Ymir will be able to learn the Archer skills like Flying Arrows and Defeating. Meanwhile, it can reduce the spirit damage received
Light Cavalry: Grants first strike and increases damage output by 18% for the first two turns.Equipped with high attack skill will significantly increase the damage output.


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