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[English] A Tremendous Gairo Born with Repeated Attack of 100% rate

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The Landlord
Gairo Focus-- Macha
A Tremendous Gairo Born with Repeated Attack of 100% rate

Fervor of BattleAllows self troop to make two normal attacks in each round and increases attack by 15.0


After the battle starts, increases the attack damage by 4.0%, and this effect can be stacked once each round.

RecommendedPosition: Rear/ Center
1.      Basic Attributes: Aswe can see, Macha’s attackgrowth is 1.80, which is her highest growth rate. Therefore, she is obviously ahigh normal attack Gairo.
2.      Attack Range: Macha’sattack range is 3, which allows her to attack enemy’s Front if being put inRear, and to attack enemy’s Center if in Center. Macha is no doubt the coreoutput Gairo in a team, who is suitable for both postion of Rear and Center.
3.      Initial Skill: Macha’sinitial skill is a passive skill, which can surely make herself to launch twonormal attacks in one turn.

TrainGuidance:Extremely high normal attack Gairo

RecommendedSkills:  As Macha canlaunch normal attack twice in one round, so it is recommended to put some chaseskills to max her damage output.
5-star skill: Shyness + Blockade ( these two chaseskills can not only increase the damage output, but also control enemy and makethem unable to launch attack.)
4-star skill: chase skills like Psychological Attack, Armor Penetration, Trail etc.

Gairo Combination
Macha ( Rear )+ Sif ( Center ) + Ares ( Front )
Analysis: This team is a tremendoushigh normal attack army with a clear weakness, that’s the team is afraid of theenemy who will control and make them unable to launch out the attack. So we cansay this team’s advantage is as obvious as its disadvantage.

Class Conversion:
Light Cavalry: Grantsfirst strike and increases damage output by 18% for the first two turns.Equipped with high attack skill will significantly increase the damage output.


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