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[English] Have You Had These 5-star Skills?

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The Landlord
Edited by Eric at 2017-9-23 06:28

5-star Skills Recommendation
Spirit Form
Spirit Form
1.  Range:  Self ( Command skill)
2.  Effect:
After battle begins, the Gairo is unable to launch normal attack but can launchspirit attack in each round, moreover the spirit damage output will increase.
3.  Dismantled on: Ra, Rhea and Hades( we recommend to dismantle Rhea for Ra and Hades are 5 star Gairos)
4.  Recommended on: the Rear Gairo who can do great spirit damage output but attack range isshort, such as Seth, Thor, Posedonetc.
1.      The skill is suitable for the Rear Gairo whose attack range is too short, but coulddo high spirit damage output. ( Keyword: High-spirit, Rear)
2.      This skill makes Gairo abandon normal attack in each round as the price, insteadspirit attack will be launched every turn.
Intermediate Confusion
Intermediate Confusion
1.Range:Enemy team(2 targets)
2. Effect:
In the first 3 turns, there is a certain chanceto make enemy enter into silence, preventing then from using active skills. Thechance for initial level is 50%, and 100% for max level.
3. Dismantled on:Poseidon, Bastet
4. Recommended on:
The Gairos who can both control enemy and do great damage output, such as Anubis Aphrodite, Odin, Forseti etc.
1.      Its attack range is 4, and it is better to put in Front or Center so that it cancover all enemies.
2.      This skill is usually collocated with Threaten in a team, which could prevent enemyfrom launching normal attack and active skill.


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