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[English] How to Occupy the Delphi Rapidly?

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The Landlord
Edited by Eric at 2017-9-21 21:01

How to Occupy the Delphi Rapidly?

S206 will be merged soon. Competition among servers becomes more and more fierce. How the Chiefs lead their members toOccupy Delphi? Who will stand out from the competition How tooccupy Delphi rapidly at the end of S1 and make a solid foundation for next season? Now is time!! War begins! Are you ready?!!

1.      Preparations

A.     Build Fortress. Generally,build 2~3 fortresses and send 5 armies there at least.
B.     High-attack Army. If you arethe main force in your alliance, you need 3~5 high-attack armies, and each armyhas 27,000 soldiers at least. All your Gairos reach lv. 45 and all their skillslevel up to lv.10.
C.     Siege Troops. If you are notmain force in your alliance and do not have many strong attack- armies, you canhelp your alliance in the later stage to kill the city’s duration. you canprepare 4~5 siege armies, and we suggest to prepare 12000 soldiers for eacharmy if your siege armies do not equip with good skills.
D.     Arrange the time to attack accurately.As you attack other city before, send your armies to the fortresses which were settled around your target city before the attack begins. When war begins, calculate all the attacking-army’s arrival time and try to make them attack Delphi at thesame time.
E.      Try to keep all your Gairo withfull stamina.
F.      Count the active players who will participate in the war and estimate the strength of the whole alliance.

2.      How to attack?

(1)    Stage 1--- Kill the Defenders

A.     Defenders army information
a.      Number of Armies: 60
b.      Gairo Level: 50
c.      Skill Info.: their skills reachmax level, and with a good skill collocation.
d.      Gairo configuration: Except forcommon Gairo in S1, you may meet special Gairo which comes from S2 or S3 in the defenders of Delphi, such as Gigantes, a Gairo from S3.

B Tips
a.      Time Allocation. Chief (or theperson who direct the battle ) should allocate the battle time. If the high-attack armies are very strong but siege armies are relative weak in youralliance, you should kill all the defenders ASAP and try to leave more time for siege armies to reduce the city’s duration. If your siege armies are relativestronger, then you could spend a bit more time on killing defenders. However, please note the siege armies’ speed is very slow, so you still need to ensure enoughtime for killing the duration.
b.      When your main force ends indraw, recall it immediately to conserve your force and do not wait for the next battle after 5 minutes. And if one or two Gairo in your army is wounded, recall them immediately, too, then attack again after 10 minutes when your Gairorecover from the “wounded”. But during this time, you can also conscript some soldiers, but keep the conscripting time within 10 minutes.
c.      If your members with manyhigh-attack army can not join in the battle in the right time, it is suggested to send his armies to alliance Legion so that the General can commander them directly in battle.

(2)    Stage 2 – Reduce the Duration

A.     Calculation for duration. The durationof Delphi is 200,000. If the total siege of one army is 200, then it will needto attack 1000 times to reduce the duration to 0. Suppose that a player has 3 siege armies, and each one attacks 5 times, then a player can launch 15 attacktotally. Therefore, we may need at least 70 players to join in this battle. Attention!!The calculation here must subject to the real situation in your alliance.
B.     Strongly suggest you to return instantly with gems. After you killing all the defenders, there are 60 minutefor you to reduce the duration. Therefore, catch seconds to attack more timesand reduce more city duration as much as possible.
C.     Never to use the siege troops to attack defenders, even if your main power is not enough to kill them. Siege troops have to stay at fort until all the defenders being killed.
D.     The amount of your siege troopsmust be much larger than the defender’s. It is better to upgrade their initial skill to lv.5 almost, for as you know the siege troops can not do much damageso we need to win in soldier number. If the siege troops fight in draw with defenders, it means this siege troop is useless for it cannot reduce the city’sduration at all.
E.      If your high-attack army still has stamina to win the (seige)defenders, they can continue to fight and help toreduce the duration.
F.      If your alliance can not kill all the duration in time, no worry. As city’s duration recovers very slow, you can take another try to attack again. At this time, there will not much duration left, which will significantly increase the chance to win.


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