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[skill analysis] Guide [Top Skills]: In-depth Skill Breakdown – [Repeated Attack](Bronze)

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Edited by Titan at 2017-4-30 07:16


Allows self to launch twice normal attacks in this turn.

Arguably one of the most in-demand bronze skills available. This skill is highly useful to all Gairo with chase skills. When Repeated attack activates, not only does the Gairo strike with two normal attacks, but all secondary skills/effects/chase have the chance to activate again.
The utility of this skill can be even further enhanced with other skills that procure effects during or after normal attacks (not just chase skills). For example, skills such as Phalanx could be activated twice in a single turn when the Gairo performs a repeated attack. Thus greatly enhancing the power of both skills when used in combination with each other.

Suitable pairing Gairo/Skills:
This skill is most useful to Gairo with chase skills (e.g. Fenrir, Bastet, Agamemnon, Conchobhar, Jason).
Quite simply, when a gairo does two normal attacks in a round, the chase skills have a chance of activating on both of those two normal attacks (seperate activation chance per each attack).

Other Gairo with unique skills that are amplified from having two normal attacks in a single turn are also prime candidates for this skill.
Uranus is an example. His base skill allows a guaranteed split attack after normal attacks from turn 3 onwards. The repeated attack skill (if successfully activated) will cause that split attack to activate a second time in a single turn.

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