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[combination] Gairo Combinations for Beginners

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The Landlord
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Gairo Combinations for Beginners

For most game players, having two complete troop units with three rare Gairo during the early part of the game is sufficient.
You can create two very powerful troop units by going through the quests and using the Gairo you would obtain from the system quests. These are:

Ancient Giants:Oceanus, Iapetus, Coeus

Titan Light: Theia, Mnemosyne, Prometheus

The reason for this is that
1. They can be obtained from the quests and system.
2. Two teams together will be eligible for group bonuses.

In the early stages of the game when your resources are limited, players should focus on developing these two troop units (specific groups), and level-up the Gairo. Don\'t waste too many resources on any other troops at this point in the game.
You can only increase the maximum number of troops when the Gairo has advanced to a higher level. This is when you have the opportunity to conquer territories with more advanced resources.

For example, you have five troop units each with 2,000 soldiers, and yet you cannot conquer land with LV4 resources, while a single troop unit with 4,000 soldiers can easily take over it. Hence, the quality of the troops matters more than the quantity.

Source: Gairo Combinations for Beginners

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