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[bugs] Skills bugged

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Post time 2017-4-13 21:34:28 From the mobile phone | Show the author posts only Reply Awards |Descending |Read mode
I've dismantled for a handful of skills that I either haven't received or have received a completely different skill in its place.  The first time it happened, I assumed I made a mistake.  I was dismantling a rare for the track skill and never got it but I assumed that I accidently selected the second skill option for that gairo.  However, most recently I dismantled and then researched to 50% a chase skill that does a spirit attack and also lowers a stat.  I don't recall all the specifics or the name, but instead I now have the active skill, "avoid" researched to 70% which I never had before and certainly never wasted any rares researching.  Something is very bugged when dismantling and learning new skills.

ID is 1697630008 and my name is MalaikatMaut, same as my forum account.  Also, I was one of the users who was impacted by the patch...I'm still waiting for compensation for the nearly 24 hours outage, and I know a handful of players who were impacted and had their daily rewards reset as a result.  

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