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[English] Draw Rate Outrage

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The Landlord
Post time 2018-9-28 15:21:44 | Show the author posts only Reply Awards |Descending |Read mode

Does anyone else feel annoyed at the fact that, regardless of how you get your gems: You have to spend them on packs that give you a 5% chance at anything worth running with?

I'm extremely annoyed after spending 5000+ gems this current season and only seeing 1 Merlin so far; This game gives plenty of free gems, I know, but the draw rates for decent prizes have you gambling them away at a surprisingly quick pace if youre not careful. I can't stand it anymore: I don't want to draw another Talus when it could be my first Anubis, or Amon, or Atum. How is Talus a "High Order Gairo" anyways? Rare my [EXPLATIVE] -- I've drawn maybe 20 or 30 Talus's these last two weeks alone!

Now I love this game, and I know the climate of the industry is geared towards milking micro-transactions for in game currency and loot-boxes, but to me this game is more than just a money grab for the stock market investors: The Devs have given us an incredibly unique, and thoroughly enjoyable experience -- Save for the dreadful rates at which Legendary gairo are drawn. A bump of 10% to 15% Would be optimal in my mind, but if The Devs wanted to show they care about all the loyal players they've gathered around their game: They'd at least increase draw rates by 5% each season to a limit of their choosing. They could also sell something in their store that increases the draw rate for Legends; I'm sure some rich bastard'll enjoy that.

What do you think, Lords and Ladies?

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