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[gairo analysis] 5-Star Gairo Analysis (7) | Player’s Guide

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5-Star Gairo Analysis (7) | Player’s Guide

Ferocious Bite:
Launches physical attacks against the target after normal attacks (damage rate 90%) and then recovers a certain amount of soldiers
Comment Fenrir! Main skill is the sort that can inflict high damage and has a high recovery rate. When grouped with repeated attacks, this is one of the Gairo of choice for cleave attacks. The third skill can be a chase skill with high damage or a chaotic attack control type. Specifically when it comes to the formation, Fenrir should be nowhere else but at the furthest front of your troops. The more powerful Gairo in terms of recovery in Immortal Conquest, and also a Nordic cavalry. There are numerous grouping options in terms of realms and classes. Highly recommended for use.


Launches spirit attacks to all enemies within a range (damage rate 71.5%, affected by spirit), making them unable to recover the soldiers, which lasts  1 turn
Comment Thor comes with a group skill that requires n.o preparation and can take down 3 opponents at once, plus the effect where his opponents are unable to recover their soldiers, these make his output very high. Match Thor with group skills like spirit flames and incantation of death for an excellent center spirit output. His speed is faster than most grannies and the bonus effects can be put to very good use. Recommended for use.


Attacks the enemy team each round of the battle (damage rate 42.5%) and initiates taunt. At the same time, decreases damage received from attacks by 12.5%
Comment Lugh is restricted by his range and the effective range of his skill, so he is destined only for the front. Moreover, the skill sarcasm will cause opponents to attack themselves, hence the damage from him battling alone is higher. In the early stage of the game, it is not easy to deploy Loch. Firstly, the infantry is very slow, and then single-entity, high battle damage will lengthen the recruitment time for the whole squad and drag the rhythm. But this ability to protect his group mates is very effective in the mid to late stages of the game as it protects the number of soldiers you will have, as well as protects your output. Spirit is on the low side. Loch can be placed in the front with skills like cure, avoid and robust. Currently, not many people use this Gairo.


Sight of Death:
Increases the damage rate of launched attacks by 12.5%, and casts active skills against the enemy army each round (damage rate 60%). However, normal attacks cannot be launched.
Comment Balor has a steady group output at every round, but the price is that he cannot launch a normal attack. It seems that, unlike Anubis, Balor is not a Gairo that can combine control with normal attacks. However with an active skill that has a high output like shock and destroy, Balor is capable of producing a high output. Growth of 0.5 and 2.02 can be added to the attack growth, which is slightly higher than Ymir. The downside is, like Ymir, Balor is not good at attacks, and since he is infantry, his slow speed makes it quite difficult to deploy him at early stages of the game. Although many people claim that Balor's output is poor, that is not correct. If fitted with a high damage active skill like Ymir's, plus the steady output from his own skill at every round, Balor is a Gairo with a very stable and high output. He will be very formidable together with the Celtic infantry formation in later stages of the game.


Incantation Power:
Decreases the damage received from spirit attacks by 17.5% (affected by spirit) and increases the damage of attacks and spirit attacks launched by army by 7% (affected by spirit), which lasts 2 turns
Comment Merlin is currently the Gairo with the highest spirit growth in Immortal Conquest, as high as 2.86. His active skill looks like an auxiliary skill, but once he is advanced, such a spirit growth makes for an explosive output in later stages of the game. Add that to the percentage plus of his own skill, it is obvious that this will be one very powerful Gairo for later stages in the game. Yet presently, not many players adore Merlin. One problematic issue is his ultra-low speed that slows down the march time. However, as the game moves into a more advanced stage, a formation that involves a Celtic infantry squad is something you should watch out for, as that is when Merlin dazzles with his tremendous powers!

Note: This guide is provided by players and does not represent the official stance of Immortal Conquest.


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I am just a beginner of this game and this guide is perfectly helping me to understand the controls. You can visit for more help in essays. No doubt it is hard for me to set my hands on the keys but with continuous efforts, I will be used to. I definitely recommend your guide to every beginner.
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