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[English] Gairo Focus - The Guardians

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The Landlord
Edited by Eric at 2018-4-27 04:54

The Guardians

Today we will introduce the Egyptian guardians, the team we will be showcasing is Seth, Ra and Anubis. This team is considered one of the most powerful Egyptian team, using this combination will give you a bonus of +19 speed and +20 spirit which is really effective in PVP.
(The skill name of Brotherhood is changed to Camelot)

Seth - Main damage output of the team (special gairo only availablein season 2)

Skill Recommendation: Spirit form +Ambush
Spirit form is a really powerful spirit skill that increases the spirit damage cases by the gairo by 25% every turn, but also guarantees a spirit attack will be launched every turn, this will help increase the damage output of Seth, paired with ambush to increase the damage output of the team even more. Ambush prepares 1 turn then launches a spirit attack against the whole enemy troop (damage rate 130%, affected by spirit) and sharply decreases all damage output from a random enemy army during the next turn (affected by spirit).
We need a second 3 target damage skill for Seth’s second part of his main skill to take full advantage of the burn effect ((The next time the target(s)receive damage, they will be inflicted with heavy burns (damage rate 221.0%, affected by spirit))

Skill Replacements
Premeditation, this skill will give you 50% chance that your gairos main skill will skip a turn preparation (availablein s3).
Incantation of death/diversion, we choose these 2 because they are both multi target spirit skills which will help increase the damage of the team and working well with the second part of Seth’smain skill. If you don’t have the skills above, just use multi target spirit damage skills

RA - Support/Control

Skill Recommendation: Crackdown +Disturb
Crackdown increases attack based and spirit based damage by the enemy by 30% (affected by spirit); this allows more damage to be done by Seth/RA’s main skill. We pair this with disturb which prepares for 1 turn and inflicts the enemy with chaos status for 2 turns. (This means they can not use active skills or use normal attacks for 2 turns)
Choose 1 control skills and 1 support skill for RA if you do not have any, you can just use Lightning and Labyrinth.
Please note: if you are using the spirit form combination on Seth, you cannot use bounty on RA due to them both being command and increasing thespirit damage it will not stack.

Anubis- Tank

Skill Recommendation: Immediateconfusion + Camelot
Immediate confusion reduces the active skill damage output of the enemy for the first 3 turns but also inflicts the enemy with silence on the first turn (silence means the enemy cannot use active skills), camelot is a very powerful healing/attack skill that allows the gairo with the lowest soldiers that turn to recover 145% affected by spirit for the first 4 turns, but on the 5th turn, the gairo with the lowest soldiers to launch attacks on the enemy with 4 range 140% (We recommend to get this skill as soon as it’s available).

Skill Replacements
Surprise attack - this skill works really well on Anubis if you don’t have camelot. This skill allows you to launch a physical attack against the enemy, then launch a spirit attack against the enemy after (this skill is good for adding more damage to the team).
Imprison - this skill is similar to surprise attack apart from you have 1 turn where you decrease the enemies defense by 45% and speed by 57% (affected by spirit), then you launch a spirit attack followed by a physical attack.
Gust - this skill allows you to add more damage to the team by launching a spirit attack and also debuffs the enemies’ defense for 2 turns
If you don’t have these skills, you can just use skills like lightning etc.
Please note: do not use threaten on Anubis, this is a common mistake. His main skill stops the enemy from launching normal attacks for 2turns, so it would be a waste to use this skill.

Add Stats
Seth - 50% speed + 50% Spirit
RA - 50% speed + 50% spirit
Anubis - 50% speed + 50% spirit
((You can change the %, if you feel this is too much. But this is what i recommend and would use by myself.))

Class Promotions
Seth - Heavy Infantry - decreases damage he received by 8% & reduces damage received by active skills by 10% whilst defending.
RA - Longbow - increases damage output for the first 4 turns by 10% this is good for his main skill and also gives him first strike for 2 turns, this means his skills will activate before others.
Anubis - Scouts - when this gairo gets attacked for the first time, damage can be avoided & decreases damage by 20% when inflicted with cowardice or silence.

Below we will show reports of thisteam in action. The skill of Anubis in the picture is Surprise Attack not Camelot.

                                                                                                                                                               -Written by Lukhu


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