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[English] Instruction for dismantling skills on Mar.14, 2018

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The Landlord
Edited by Eric at 2018-3-16 04:08

Instructionfor dismantling skills on Mar.14, 2018

Skill of S2【Line formation】

Line formation - Dismantled on Surtr, Sati and Daedalus

Original description: Causes all allied archer type armies tosplit into two flanks and reduces their Attack.

Updated description: On turns 1, 3, 5 and 7, all allied archertype Gairos will split into two flanks, which cause normal attacks to hitGairos adjacent to the attack target as well as the target itself but lowerstheir Attack for 1 Turn.

Analysis:This skill is changed to trigger in different turns, and overall damage isreduced. So for Archer combination, such as Sphnix, Gigantes and so on, thisskill is become less powerful now. Especially in start stage, it is moredifficult to develop by using Archer Gairo who owns this skill than before.

Skills of X【Slow and Steady】【Fish Scale】【Patience】

Slow and Steady - Dismantled on Bestla, Kuk and Kvasir

Fish Scale - Dismantled on Mesenet, Aura and Viviane

Patience - Dismantled on Antaeus and Meleager

1. The prerequisite for Slow andSteady/Fish Scale/Patience to take effect is that Gairos must bethe classes which the skill requires, in other words, Slow and Steady requiresthat team must be composed of Cavalry and Infantry; Fish Scales requires thatGairos classes are Archer and Infantry; Patience requires that Gairos classesare Archer and Cav.
2. If your team is all Archers and one of them learnsFish Scale, then this skill will not take effect, battle report will show notargets in effective range.
3. These three skills have changed greatly before andafter the update, different skill effects can be used to complete differentteam combinations. We are glad to hear your powerful combinations, please sharethem with us!


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This is very educational content and written well for a change. It's nice to see that some people still understand how to write a quality post!         CBD oil for anxiety
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