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[English] The most powerful combination of suppressing healing Gairos

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The most powerful combination of suppressing healing Gairos

Today we will introduce you the most powerful Archer combination which can suppress healing Gairos in Immortal Conquest. Jormungand is the core Gairo of this team and he is a limited Gairo in our game, he only appears in Christmas pack, Valentine’s pack or other festival packs.

The most prominent feature of this team is that it can inflict Control effect to enemy Gairos and sharply decrease their damage, making them die easily. Now, we will show you their skills combination:

Jormungand in Rear - Main damage output

Effect of initial skill at max level: (Active skill)
After a normal attack, launches a follow-up spirit attack against the same target (damage rate 233%, affected by Spirit), and prevents the target from recovering the losses. Lasts 2 turns

1.Jormungand is powerful because his initial skill has a 60% chance to launch and suppress healing skill from enemy at the same time. Therefore, he has a strong advantage on Aphrodite’s team.
2.  Abouthis skills, we recommend Mortal Combo and Cleansing Fire. Mortal Combo, grants first strike and let the Gairo initiate 2 physical attacks each turn in the first two turns. Cleansing Fire is a 4-star skill and is very easy to get, it can cause damage to the enemy and inflict a debuff which can remove all positive effects from the target. The two skills are very suitable for Jormungand.

Frigga in Center — Main Support in the team

Effect of initial skill at max level: (Active skill)
Decreases the physical attack damage dealt by the enemy troop by 32% (affected by Spirit) and causes them to enter stillnessstatus, leaving them unable to cast active skills for 2 turns

1. Frigga is the main support Gairo in the team, she can provide Control effect and decrease the physical attack damage of the enemy troop. Therefore, her speed of strike is very important; damage received by the enemy will be decreased if she successfully releases skill before the enemy attacks.
2. As for her skills, Gale is a perfect choice, it grants her first strike, and as it is a Command skill it won’t be controlled by other skills which prevent her from launching first attack. For the second skill, we recommend Line Formation, if you’re already using this skill in another team, you also can use support skills which decrease/increase damage such as Bounty, Crackdown, Dodge and so on.

Urd in Front - Main Control in the team

Effect of initial skill at max level: (Active skill)
Increases the Spirit of this Gairo and a single allied Gairo by 22% and randomly inflicts the enemy troop with chaos, confusion, cowardice, or silence. Lasts 2 turns

Her initial skill can control multiple targets and give a damage increase buff to a single allied Gairo, so we recommend you to choose Threaten and Intermediate Confusion or other Control skills to provide powerful control effect and increase damage in the early stage. If you haven’t such skills, you can use Gust and other Spirit damage skills.

Add stats:
This is a spirit Gairos team, so you need to add spirit attribute, but speed attribute is also needed for each allied Gairo, it can help them attack first when they meet the same Gairos.

Jormungand, Frigga: Longbowman, grants first strike and increase damage at the same time.
Urd: Scouts, so she canenjoy classes bonus.

Battle Report:
The following battle reports are Jormungand respectively against Archer team of Anubis and Heracles as well as Aoide team who is in one of the most powerful Tank. If you have other interesting battlereports, please share them with us!


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