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[English] Cleave - The Strongest Physical Cav.

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The Landlord
Edited by Eric at 2018-1-25 22:24

Cleave - TheStrongest Physical Cav.
The Nordic cavalry is the most famous one in the entirecavalry system of Immortal Conquest. Cavalry is divided into two types, strategyattack and physical attack, but today, we will introduce you a cavalrycombination of mixed realms, this team is the strongest combination of physicalcavalry from Season 3 to X.

Siegfried- Support Gairo at Rear (Special Gairo onlyavailable in S3)
Effect of initial skill at max level: (Commandskill)
During the first turn of battle, increases the physicalattack damage dealt by the whole allied troop by 40% (affected by Attack). Thiseffect is reduced by 25% each turn.

Recommendation: Phalanx + Advanced Ranged Attack
Phalanx, which has the effect of splitting alliedteam during the first 3 rounds, coupled with Advanced Ranged Attack skill whichincreases attributes and 1 range for the whole team in the first 3 rounds, canlet your troop cause explosive damage during the first 3 rounds.

P.S.: The 4-star skill Phalanx is relatively easyto get by dismantling; Advanced Ranged Attack can be dismantled fromOdin/Balor. If you haven’t such Gairos, you can use support skills like IntermediateRanged Attack (from Hathor or Gawain), Intermediate Counterattack orIntermediate Confusion instead.

Ares- Maindamage output in the Center
Effect of initial skill at max level: (Passiveskill)
At the cost of being unable to cast activeskills, increases attack damage output by 120%.

Recommendation: Trail + Blockade or some physicalChase skills
Trail increases the damage output of physical attacks,Blockade can provide some control and output damage to the team at the sametime.

Sif-Provides support and damage output in the Front
Effect of initial skill at max level: (Commandskill)
For the first 3 turns of the battle, increasesallied Gairos' Speed by 41 (affected by Spirit), and provides a 70% chance oflaunching two normal attacks per round

Recommendation: Amplify Damage + Army Assault orsome support skills which can reduce damage

Promote: Light Cavalry

The disadvantage of this team is also obvious. Ifit meets Anubis or Gairos who use Threaten or other skills which can preventyour Gairos from launching normal attacks, then they won’t be able to causedamage in the first few rounds.

Let us show you how this team can easily defeatothers.


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