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[event] A peculiar tale

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The Landlord
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CHAPTER 1;  The adventure begins
The battle of vanahiem was the staging ground for the greatest war in the continent of Server 4. The two leading powers battled to the bitter end. This is where our story starts...
"CHARGE", yelled Ràgnar the general, "MAY OUR SWORDS HAVE BRITISH BLOOD!" The second day of the great battle ended in a stalemate, next to no ground was gained on either side. Abbodon, after making a cool of himself in the Chat of the World's, had just arrived at the battlefield. "Ràgnar my fine sir, what is the status of the war front", Abbodon said with hope. "The first battle resulted in a surprising stalemate", Ràgnar said tiredly, "If you wish to help, go reinforce the front, or wait till tomorrow." *Salutes* "YES SIR" said Abbodon, he then rushed to the first of many forts, Rogue Irish. He slept peacefully until the fort was attacked. Seeing the foe that stood before him, the mighty TangMonk, Abbodon was forced to flee and watch his fort get crushed. He fell back to his second fort, Trump Wall, and spent the night there.
"ARE LEADER SOLISTOM THE WISE HAS GIVEN THE ORDER," shouted Ràgnar,"CHARGE, WE SHALL CRUSH THOSE BRITISH BASTARDS!" Today Abbodon got his first taste of battle. He was thrilled at the multiple victories that his favored Baster team had gotten him. Abbodon's sense of joy was short-lived because the greatest foe that Abbodon faced at the time was upon him, God. With what seemed like the whisk of a hand, Abbodon's armies were crushed. Forced to retreat, Abbodon fled the scene and licked his wounds in the local iron tavern. The British gained ground on the second day of the war.
Abbodon clumsily walked out of the tavern with a keg of whiskey, he was as drunk as ceous. Abbodon was stumbling through the level 4 mountains, when atop the great mount Uranus, Abbodon saw a strange light. "Abbodon, you may have lost the battle, but the greatest treasure of all awaits you upon the great mountain of 1501,1501. I expect you to succeed." the light soon vanished after saying this. Abbodon was absolutely stunned. He stood there for a good 10 minutes contemplating what he just saw. He decided that he needed to head back home as soon as possible. When Abbodon cleared the mountain range he saw the most terrifying of beasts.  The beast was talking to a strange figure who Abbodon would later become great friends with, Fred Be Dead. The beast and the man departed and the two went their separate ways. The beast however came straight for Abbodon. When the beast saw Abbodon it bended over and said,"You are Abbodon I presume, you and a few others are destined for greatness. But death loomes on every corner." Abbodon stood there stupidly and gazed at the beast. "I shall take my leave now," the beast said," oh and one more thing, the Oracle told me to tell you this."
What was said there will be known as the greatest one liner in history and would change the fate of the world, but Abbodon didn't understand the one liner just yet. Which may just save his life.

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