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[advice] Attack and Grouping mechanics and Skills

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Hello Hawkeyeck, I have responded to your messages.
What are you trying to ask when you talk about grouping?
Also, it is as simple as a Gairo with 168 attack will do more normal damage than one with 150.
Trail skill is based off of your attack attribute. If the skill has not stated anything such as "Affected by Spirit/Speed/Defense" then it is affected by attack.
When a skill says "Affected by Spirit" it includes your base spirit stat into an algorithm that determines the output whether that be more troops healed/ higher increase in defense buff/more damage output. I cannot explain to you exactly the calculations as it is complicated and I myself am still trying to figure out the works
I was the one who said that at higher levels, heals are not as good as debuffs. This remains true to the fact that if you lock their team down with debuffs such as malevolence and confuse, that is guaranteed damage you will not receive. As for heals, you are instead healing for whatever damage you receive, but at times the damage is far greater than what the heal can provide, hence why debuffs are the better option.
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