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[gairo analysis] Full Analysis of All Skill Effects | Player’s Guide

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Edited by Xak at 2017-3-10 00:40

It's odd that while the devs provide hard figures for unique offensive/defensive percentages and attribute gains/losses, they're strangely quiet about status effects. These are the ones I've come across so far with limited information:

Avoidance - reduces or eliminates being hit by, usually, the next attack
Berserk - makes the target attack anything in range at random, incl. own team
Burn/Panic/Defect - DoTs
Chaos - unknown; presumably a control/silence, maybe with some part of Taunt or a DoT?
Cowardice - unable to launch normal attacks
First Strike - allows target to attack before other Gairos (reducing the enemy's numbers before their attack)
Immunity - target becomes immune to some or all of these listed status effects
Purge - (often unnamed) removes specific or all negative effects (such as any one of these)
Sacrifice - (oftened unnamed) kills own troops, often at gain of a powerful skill effect
Silence - prevents target from casting Active skills
Taunt - presumably forces target to attack itself

There is also "Increase Range," which I'd argue has a limited value but can be pretty fun to move 1s and 2s backward in a team, which can create a viable team with more matches if you lack range 3/4 of a certain type/realm/gairo-bonus. But it also may mess with other assigned skills if they do not have the correct range?

Overall, it seems there's a lot of overlap (why so many DoTs? For funsies?). Let me know if you see errors or I forgot any.
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