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[English] Season 3 Start Guide

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The Landlord
Edited by Eric at 2017-12-14 04:39

Season 3 Start Guide

We are looking for a very fast start to season 3. Good individual starts arecrucial for the success of the alliance a whole. We will be covering some key components to your start, specifically -
1. City builds
2. Teams & Skills
3. Attacking lands
4. Alliance attacks & Fortress Locations
The success of our alliance depends on each and every member putting in maximum effort and playing as smart as possible.

1.City Builds
The goal of every member should be to increase TROOP COST and get to BARRACKS as fast as possible! STONE will be your biggest obstacle on getting there.

Quests: We are assuming that there will be the quest rewards for earlybuilds again this season. These resource rewards are crucial for a faststart. Only go for quests that give resources. Stop going for quest build sonce they no longer give resources. Often times completing a quest canget you enough resources for the next building upgrade.

Gov Hall, Barracks, Troop cost: Our early armies will be limited by our cities troop cost. Each member will need to careful plan which Gairos will be used and when. You should have your first front barracks(FB1) when your troop cost is at 6.5. We will discuss which Gairos are recommended for these early armies later, and this will vary based on your cards. From here it is very important to SAVE STONE for Gov Hall upgrades! The goals to get to unlocked BARRACKS asap, which is available at Gov Hall 7. In order to store enough resources for a GH7 you must be at a Store House15. GH7 costs a lot of stone, so you must be patient and save for this. Barracks are expensive too, but increased troop size is crucial to early growth.
Pro tip: Do NOT expand your city when you upgrade your Gov Hall. Waste of resources.

After Barracks: Once you reach your barracks I would continue leveling it up until it gets crazy expensive. From here you can upgrade to Front Barracks 2-3 and get more teams going. Next you'll want to finish Gov Hall8, and upgrade camps and temples. Once you can take a lvl 6 land and have enough resources to support your armies, start thinking about building a sub city. Another option is to get a sub city built quicker to upgrade storehouse there as well.

Disclaimer: This is not the only path to take for an opening, just what we recommend as ageneral guide. If you feel like you have a strategy that works better for you, then by all means start better than me! I do believe this is close to the best path for everyone.

Gems: I highly recommend(implore, beg) EVERYONE to gem “orders”every day. Using orders to harvest (especially stone) is crucial to a faststart and alliance success. Also I'd recommend any long builds if it benefits your armies or buildings expansion immediately.

2.Teams & Skills

The success of your start to season 3 will depends mostly on the Gairos, skills and teams you choose to make. You will be using precious time and resources on these teams, so time and energy should go into planning your teams out. The teams of each member will vary based on cards and skills available. We will try to lay out recommendations for best Gairos, teams and skills to use, and also basic concepts that will help you adapt to your specific situation.

The Start:
Early teams will be limited by:
1. Front Barracks
2. Troop cost
3. Resources
When you start season 3 you will start off by upgrading your city and unlocking your first army, which will have 2 spots. After you start taking lands and completing build quests you should shortly arrive at frontbarracks 1 with a cost of 6.5. You will now have 3 armies. 1 with 3 slots fortaking land. 1 for harvesting (mostly stone on lvl 3 lands). Finally, anotherwith Theia to train Gairos you will use during early game.

Theia Training: Theia, the four star Titan archer, is crucial to a good start. Pair Theia with the gairos you plan on using in your first few armies. Bridge to closest lvl 5-6 land and attack. Swap out wounded Theia and paired gairo. Replace with fresh Theia and fresh gairo. Repeat. 6 Theia should be enough to keep this going without stopping until the short wounded timer isup. I believe you have 48 hours to train this way effectively.

The reason Theia is so essential early is her initial skill, intimidation. She gives allied troop (2 gairo) first strike during a battle. First strike allows youto deal damage first, which gives experience. I found lvl 5-6 to be ideal in season 2, just make sure it's close to your main. This training also gives alot of contribution to the alliance. We will be cycling out members from ourmain alliance during the first few days again to keep contributions maxed.

Planning ahead: Before you get into the start of season 3, you should know which Gairos you will be using, and when. Your first 3 card army will have a 6.5 cost. Once you reach cost 7.5 and 8, you should be able tomake the army you will be using for the first few weeks of the season, at least. The gairo that will comprise your first few armies are the gairo you should be leveling up with Theia. We want to avoid wasting experience, resources, and time as much as we can.

Recommended Cards: The teams you make vary based on what youhave available. As a general rule, normal attack > spirit attack in earlygame.
Ares(3) and Macha(2.5) are about as good as it gets in early play.
Sphinx(2.5), Fenrir(3), Bes(3), Artemis(2.5) are all viable options as well for their cost.
If you have spirt form a low cost, high spirit gairo like Poseidon can be used as well.
Aphrodite(2), Gaia, Britomartis are ideal support gairo because of their skills and cost.
Heracles(3.5) & Anubis(3.5) are two gairo I would recommend involving early when your troop cost allows.

Skills: Great skills early game will be ones that allow to do damage first, avoid attacks, and stop attacks.
Mortal Combo is the king of early damageskills. Allows you move first AND launch two attacks. Overpowered at earlygame. Use this on an attack based gairo listed above if you have the skill.
Threaten, deserted city, phalanx, intermediate confusion, disturb are allamazing skills as well.

Skill Exp: Skill exp is a scare commodity early game. Gold income is low, and so are the resources needed to get it. Collecting enhanced 3s and 4s(non Olympic, non playable 4s) to use for skill exp at the start is a must.Your skill exp should be focused on Initial skills. Initial skill 10 on your main team is the goal so we can unlock 3rd skill spots ASAP. Do not waste precious skill exp on skills you know won't stay on the gairo. Likewise, don't waste skills on Gairos you know you won't use long term. Once you start taking lands with ease I recommend completing gold quests to get your skills leveled up.

3. Attacking Lands
I will base this section on season 2 difficulties, but keep it in mind the lands could be significantly harder. If that's the case then adjustments will need to be made.

First action to take is to Theia level up your gairo on nearest 5/6 land. Once gairo reach lvl 5 second skill is unlocked, and you're ready to take lvl 2 lands. A level 3 stone should be found and targeted as soon as you can take one for harvesting(around lvl 7). Once you take your level 3 stone, save up and get frontbarracks 1. Once unlocked you should be able to take lvl 3s. Drop lower level lands and take as many level 3s as you can. Level 4s should be attempted once you obtain a barracks. I recommend getting past lvl 4s asap and on to lvl 5s. For a lvl 5 you want around 7-8k troops.

Harvesting: Once you have your first lvl 3 stone you should begin harvesting. You should have one army slot dedicated to harvesting. Gem orders daily so you can harvest needed resources, mostly stone. This will allow you to get the big stonebuildings quicker. Tiles that are surrounded by other rss tiles you control will yield higher harvests, so find the best place to harvest for each specific resource.

Conscripting: I recommend conscripting early and often. Don't try to stretch armies. Lower troop sizes will lead to more losses and slower start times. Conscript after a win to get back to fullstrength.

Lvl 5s: Once your barracks is up and running and your main armyis up over 8k troops it should be smooth sailing. I recommend taking all the lvl 5s you can around you. From here I would look toget a second front barracks and build a second 3 card team!

Disclaimer: This is not the only way this can be done well. You might try to get your front barracks 2 earlier if you have two good low cost teams. However I do believe this will be best for most members.

Remember: Our goal is to get our cities, gairo and team set up as fast as possible so that we can begin to accomplish alliance goals. It's ok to make mistake, we all will. It's ok to lose to a level 1 land, it happens now. We just need to be very active and play smart. Once we finish our start we will look to establish a fort system connecting each member to alliance goals and key strategic locations.

4.Alliance Attacks & Fortress locations : TBA


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Amazing guide I started season 3 today :D
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Да я тоже воспользовался, спасибо.
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