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[skill analysis] [IC Foundry] Analysis of Legendary skill - Intermediate Confusion!

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The Landlord
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How to obtain skill: Intermediate Confusion or IC for short, can be dismantled from Legendary Gairo Bastet (Egyptian) and Poseidon (Olympic). Epic Titan Gairo are used to complete research.

Introduction: Intermediate Confusion is a must have skill in your Immortal Conquest skill arsenal. If you ever see your alliance members say "IC" in the context of skills or armies, this skill is the skill they're talking about! If you are a new player, Bastet should be dismantled for IC as soon as she is summoned. Poseidon is a harder choice, as he is a strong Gairo in early play. However, there is no question if you want to be an elite player you will need to obtain Intermediate Confusion. IC is a top 3 skill in mine and many top players opinion.

Basic Mechanics: IC is an elite command skill that greatly reduces active skill damage (spirit and attack based) in the first 3 rounds. In addition, it also has a chance to inflict silence for round 1. At lvl 1, IC reduces the damage of active skills cast by 2 enemy gairos by 90%! Without a single skill exp point invested IC is extremely effective. As you level IC, the chance of inflicting silence to the 2 enemy gairos it targets increases. At level 1 the chance to inflict is 50%. It increases by 5% each level with a max level of 100%, guaranteeing silence to two enemies round 1!

Placement: Like Threaten, and other range 4 support skills, IC must be placed in either the front or middle position. This allows the skill to reach the rear position of the enemy troop, which usually has damage skills/Gairo.

(IC in front position targeting two active attack based Gairo)

IC reducing damage on Cuchulainn’s initial skill “Gae Bolg” (one of the games hardest hitting active skills) to nothing more than a slight tickle.

Application: IC is a top 3 skill for many reasons. First, the 3 round 90% decrease in active damage is in full affect at lvl 1. This makes it especially great early in the season when skill exp is hard to come by. What the skill "Threaten" is to normal attacks, IC is to active attacks. Besides normal attacks, active skills are the most common way an enemy will inflict damage on your team. By greatly reducing active damage in rounds 1-3, your troop can have a huge jump on the enemy. In addition to the damage reduction, the 100% chance of silence round 1 at lvl 10 also gives a great jump on the enemy. Very rarely will a team not use active skills. The commonality of active skill based teams is what makes IC such a valuable, elite skill.

Two Elite teams. My team was using IC, enemy team had Threaten instead. Although Threaten is an amazing skill, IC here was far more efficient because both teams rely heaving on active skills!

Team Building: IC is an amazing skill that will make almost every team better with it’s addition. I really like IC on Anubis if you have him. Anubis' initial skill stops normal attacks for the first 2 rounds, so with the benefits of IC his team locks down the beginning of a fight really well. I've seen IC do really well on "Cleave" teams that focus on killing enemies in the first 3 rounds. IC is great on slower infantry teams as well, as the 1st round silence helps them get going. It's great with Arthur teams, as it reduces active damage a ton, allowing his skill "Avalon" to heal more damage than is received. I highly recommend using IC at the beginning of a season also, because it works great at lvl 1. This is especially useful to start a season because skill exp is so limited, and limiting troop loss early is crucial to a good start. Stack IC with the skill Threaten or with Anubis and you will shut down the enemy team for the first 3 rounds.

Intermediate Confusion + Anubis or Threaten is a match made in Heaven!

Conclusion: Intermediate Confusion without a doubt is an amazing, must have skill in Immortal Conquest. It’s an elite damage reduction command skill that at level 1 reduces active damage by 90% for the first 3 rounds, as well as a 100% chance of silence at lvl 10. This skill can be added to any team and improve its performance. Make sure it’s placed in the front or middle position. IC is amazing with Arthur, Odin or Anubis, and also paired with the skill Threaten. Try this out on your favorite teams, and have fun watching them own!
Thanks for reading and please share your comments or experiences!
- Uni, server 4 alliance Legacy Co-Chief

Note: This guide and the views presented are provided by a player and do not represent the official position of Immortal Conquest.


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