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Help me with gairo formation and setup

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Publish time: 2017-2-4 17:04

Text summary:

Please can u help me with any tip for my gairos and formation? Im start at 20 days ago. Sry for my bad english My Gairos are Thor, Loki, Rhea, Merlin, Ymir, Freyr, Gaia,Cronus, Proometheus, Poseidon ...


Bigheadnick Post time 2017-2-4 22:18:46
I find it hard to believe you have guiros of that high lvl and don't know how to team them properly. My highest is lvl 15 and I've pretty much got it figured out
God Post time 2017-2-4 18:53:08
Although your request was assistance in making Gairo groups, I think it would be best to do so yourself to acquire more knowledge of the game. As the saying goes, "You give a man a fish, you feed him for a day. You teach a man to fish, you feed him for a lifetime." Please click this link to read a comprehensive starting guide of the basics. It will teach you what each card does and with this knowledge you can figure out the best groupings to your own discretion.

Link to Comprehensive Novice Guide:
Author: LordRage

Link to Gairo/Skill catalog:
Author: Immortal Conquest
Oman Post time 2017-2-7 05:58:57
you look like a bad
Odyoso Post time 2017-2-6 18:13:24
God replied at 2017-2-6 17:20
In regards to your current Gairos that you have, this was my first team that was capable of soloing  ...

Thx!! that will help me a lot
ShadowcatX Post time 2017-2-6 17:56:07
Now see, those were interesting and helpful. Thank you.
God Post time 2017-2-6 17:20:20
In regards to your current Gairos that you have, this was my first team that was capable of soloing lvl 8 lands


Incantation of Death

Spirit Flames

Cure (Later replaced with Confuse)
God Post time 2017-2-6 17:14:19
ShadowcatX replied at 2017-2-6 15:19
And what does your immediate attack upon my character say about how you were raised, hmmmmm? That  ...

Ignoring your ignorant redundency, do not include everyone in "we" when addressing what we have knowledge of in terms to this game. I have in fact spent quite the fair amount of time researching every skill and Gairo and theory crafting Gairo groups with a few others who are just as knowledgable. I do not need to give him an ABC or XYZ answer when I gave him the whole spreadsheet of all Gairos and all Skills in the game. If he takes the time to look through them he can slowely start to put two and two together. And to add on your note of healing i'll be spoonfeeding you all just this once.

Heals are not that great. They save you some resources when re-conscripting armies, but after reaching level 6+ lands any type of heal besides Arthur's is practically useless if it is not combined with debuffs. Reduced attack damage, defense, spirit, these are all debuffs which scale several times greater than any heal offered in the game. Merlin is the ideal support for he offers both increased damage (both spirit and attack) while simultaneously decreasing recieved damage. Pairing this with a heal such as Arthur (which also gives realm bonus and type bonus) Is one of the ultimate debuff/sustain teams capable of clearing a level 5 city defenses by itself if paired with a proper damage dealer. Now, the main skills of these Gairo's alone will not make them overpowered. You would still need some serious damage and more debuffs, it never hurts to have more debuffs. Skills such as Spirit flames/Thunder on Merlin would be ideal as he has a +2.85 spirit gain/level making him one of the heaviest spirit hitters out there (a.k.a. Spirit Nuke). Arthur would be paired with more support/debuff skills such as Destroy (Deals damage based on attack and reduces defense of enemy) and Confuse (makes a single target unable to cast active spells). The positioning of these Gairo's is also very important as some can soak more damage than others. Preferably, you would want a silimar realm/type Gairo in the front line to have Arthur in the rear and Merlin at center, but Arthur can also be substituted as the frontline tank with a few switchings to his skills and placement of his stat points.
ShadowcatX Post time 2017-2-6 16:47:11
I only know what a couple of people of yours do, and I haven't been playing as long as you have, but I do have a couple of suggestions.

Give Prometheus cure. He's got good spirit and is on the front line so he makes good use of it. Also, always try and give one of your high spirit people in each group some form of army healing. You can't bring too much healing.
Odyoso Post time 2017-2-6 16:18:59

The idea of ​​the post, is to strengthen my group, since I lose many troops and spent many resources in vain.

That's why I would like some help with skill setting and hero combination.

Beforehand thank you very much.

Google translator
ShadowcatX Post time 2017-2-6 15:19:23
God replied at 2017-2-6 13:57
It wasn't cut and paste. He is from my server. It is best if someone were to experience and learn  ...

And what does your immediate attack upon my character say about how you were raised, hmmmmm? That aside...
This game has math that we don't actually have any clue about, it has skill descriptions that are exceedingly unclear, and it has a huge variety of Gairo and skills. Saying a team such as the following: X, Y, and Z, for A, B, and C reasons would both address his specific concern and help him learn.
God Post time 2017-2-6 13:57:04
ShadowcatX replied at 2017-2-6 10:14
Or you know what might have actually been more helpful than your pre-made copy and paste type resp ...

It wasn't cut and paste. He is from my server. It is best if someone were to experience and learn how to do things themselves rather them having it be spoon fed. I'm sorry you were offended by my post, you must have been given everything growing up and don't like the fact that I'm trying to help a guy out by giving him the resources he needs to succeed in his own. My apologies:)