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[English] Gairo Focus:Siegfried

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The Landlord
Gairo Focus:Siegfried – The strongest cavalry Support in S3

Siegfried has a super strong skill to increase physical damages of a team, which makes him the strongest support in S3. Today we will show you how to take advantage of Siegfried’s support skills.
Initial Skill - Dragon Slayer
During the first turn of battle, increases the physical attack damage dealt by the whole allied troop by 40% (affected by Attack). This effect is reduced by 25% each turn.
Recommended skills: (support skills to increase allies’ damages)
1. Preferred skill: Phalanx, which causes a split effect, can let the team deal a damage explosion for the 3 first turns.
2. Second preferred Skill: Amplify Damage (Dismantled on Siegfried or Apollo in S3) and Intermediate Counterattack etc. can increase drastically the damage output of your team.
3. Conflict Skills: Bounty, Rise and all similar command skills that will increase your teammates damage output.
Gairo combination: High Physical Damage Team
As a Support gairo, Siegfried needs to be put with Gairos with strong physical attack damages.
There are a lot of possible combinations,but we will recommend you only the 2 strongest ones:
Team 1: Siegfried + Ares + Sif
Team 2: Siegfried + Macha + Ares
Ares, Sif and Macha represent very well Cavalry gairos with strong damage output. It should be noted that it is not recommended to put Macha and Sif together in a team. Both their initial skills can trigger a second attack, thus it would be a waste to put them together, since their effect would be greatly reduced.
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Class conversionLight Cavalry


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