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[English] Personal Technology in Season 3

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The Landlord
Edited by Eric at 2017-12-1 04:41

How to master Personal Technology in Season 3
The personal technology which is a brand-new feature in season 3, will be available after completing the achievement Capture City I in Epic.
Upgrading any personal technology will consume technology point. You will earn 1 point for every 500 fame after reaching 5000 fame. The cooldown to reset each Tech is 7 days!

1. The recommended technology at the Beginning of the game
A normal player will get about 7000 fame (depending on your progression) when Capture City I (in Epic) is achieved. That means by that time you should have  around 5 technology points. How to use these points properly?
The recommended upgrade step: Technology - Technology - Shrine of Plenty - Technology - Libations

Shrine of Plenty: The technology will increase the land output: the output of a lv. 3 land with a Shrine of Plenty is equal to the output of a lv. 4 land, the output of a lv. 4 land with a Shrine of Plenty is equal to the output of a lv. 5 land.
The earlier you build, the more resources you get, especially build it on lv. 4 land.

Libations: you will get 5 extra Shrine of Plenty every time you level up.
You can get a huge income at the beginning of the game with 15 lv.4 lands with Shrine of Plenty

2. The recommended technology at the Medium term of the game
The 3rd recommended technology is Hired Artisan.
Hired Artisan: It doesn't work for the constructions in Infrastructure, but it's very useful to build a subcity or fortress quickly and allow you to join the alliance battle Immediately.

Upgrading Chain of Command is the fourth recommended technology
The troops in subcity will benefit from the Monolith of the main city. It will play an important part in attacking cities or cleaning up the enemies' territory on the battlefield.

3. Afterentering the period of alliances war
Afterentering the period of alliances war, upgrading the following buildings will bevery important to your frontline forces.You can givepriority to upgrading one of the buildings according to your needs.
1)Territory Defense: +10 durability for each upgrade(level max +60 points), caneffectively restrain the enemy's low-level demolition team. When its siege isless than 110, he will need to consume at least 40 stamina (2 attacks) tooccupy it.

2)Morale Boost: Increase a Gairo’soldier cap for each enhancement.

3)Architecture: Can greatly reduce the resource consumption for upgrading allsub-cities buildings.

4)Scouting Tower: Scouting Tower provides a 2-tiles view of the surrounding area,helping you to detect an enemy's move.

5) Troop Scout:You need to upgrade Scouting Towerbefore you can use this.. You can send any gairo to the Scouting Tower for 1hour (upgrade national science and technology to extend the scouting time). Duringthis time, it will provide an additional 3 tiles view.


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