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[gairo analysis] Useful Skills Recommendations | Player’s Guide

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As a new player, you should initially follow the instructions to keep things in order. But later in the game, whether it's through attacking higher level lands, seizing other player's cities, or even participating in wars between districts, the importance of matching Gairo and skills well will eventually be revealed.

Every Gairo has their first initial skill that cannot be replaced. Then there are two other skill slots that are unlocked at [Gairo Lv. 5] and [Gairo Lv. 20/Initial Skill Lv. 10/Two of the same Gairo]. The skills that fill these slots are naturally determined by demands of the strategy you have chosen.

Getting Skills
Besides the basic skills that are automatically unlocked, most other skills must be earned through [Dismantle] or [Research]. Most skills have a certain chance of being launched. They use a percentage to cause damage or have their effect enhanced by spirit. There are also many secondary skills that help increase/decrease the benefits you receive. Another set of skills are limited to Gairo types. For example, [Fire Attack] can only be used by archers.
[Dismantle] As part of the process of dismantling skills, Rare or higher Gairo can be spent to earn special skills. Click the [Dismantle Skills] button under the Gairo skill bar. You can also see skills that can be earned by spending this Gairo at any time.
[Research] If you want to bring your newly-earned skills to the battlefield, there is one more key step. Every time a skill is dismantled, you receive 10% research progress. If you need these skills, you must spend different types of Gairo to successfully complete the research. It's a bit complicated, but there is a little freedom in regards to research progress. For example, in researching [Scheme], you can choose to spend 3 Merlin or 18 Epic Gairo, or you can mix and match to fill the progress bar. Furthermore, every skill has pairing limits. For example, some powerful skills can only be paired with a maximum of 2 Gairo at the same time.
Skills require you to consume Gairo, especially for high-level skills. Costs are high for dismantling and research and when cards are limited, we must consider the priority of research. The following lists some more useful skills and ways to dismantle. Determine your research priorities based on your team's needs.

Useful Skills Recommendations
Track [Hermod]: Low trigger probability, but high damage. It is a cost-effective chase-type damage skill.
Rescue [Saxnot]: A very useful initial recovery-type skill.
Heal [Hecate]: An initial recovery-type skill.
Repeated Attack [Var] [Fergus]: Every round has a chance of 2 normal attacks being launched. In fact, many Legendary Gairo can use this.
Chaotic Attack [Leucetius] [Nerius]: Damage is considerable, but the trigger probability is low.

Return the Fire [Khepri] [Demeter]: A skill for Gairo at the front.
Stored Power [Alastor] [Minos]: An active skill with the highest single physical damage.
Lightning [Forseti] [Ullr]: A very useful Epic control skill with good damage.
Trail [Coeus]: A high damage single-target skill.

Incantation of Death [Gersemi] [Vali]: A high-level skill with explosive damage. Can fully attack the entire enemy when used in the center. Pairing is convenient.
Thunder [Aengus] [Dionysus]: A group spirit skill. Damage is extremely high and its attack reduction effects make it very useful.
Phalanx [Apis] [Anhur]: Command (Buff) skill with a chance of causing group damage. Good to use with strong attack Gairo as the damage is considerable.
Spirit Flames [Helios] [Maat]: A series of explosive damage that inflicts group damage, very powerful indeed.
Cure [Blodeuwedd] [Bragi] [Oceanus]: A recovery-type master skill which can recover a lot of soldiers every round when at level cap.

Note: This guide is provided by players and does not represent the official stance of Immortal Conquest.

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This may well be my favorite post on the forums.
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