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[chat] Looking For Advice On Gairo Grouping And Skills

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Post time 2017-1-18 23:01:10 | Show the author posts only Reply Awards |Descending |Read mode
I see people saying that certain Gairo together can be stronger then using 3 Gairo that form a combination. Is this true? If so, can anyone share some info on which cards are better to be using.

Also, i am having a little bit of difficulty figuring out which skills to use on what Gairo's. And tips and advice on this would be greatly appreciatted as well.

Thanks in advance!


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Post time 2017-1-19 00:24:45 | Show the author posts only
The Gairo groups they suggest from the game info are often time much more based on story and mythological connect rather than if they actually work well together in game. Those combinations often ignore the value of range, but also how different skills will interact in a group. These are often much more powerful than the bonuses given from a themed group.

Range: Make sure you have short range in front and increasing range behind them. Putting a range 1 gairo in the back is the best way to render it useless for half the fight.

Skills: Your gairo in front will take a lot of the damage, so make sure it can take it! That means good defenses and good defensive or healing skills. I prefer healing skills right now, as it recovers lost army. The middle Gairo can usually focus on dealing damage, while the one in back can give good support or damage skills.

Type: focusing all on 1 type (cav, archer, infantry) can give you a bonus, but also makes your group far less versatile when you run up against the wrong team and attack a team of archers with all cavalry. It's all how you want to play it honestly, but be aware of the risks.
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