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Author: Sepsnow
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[Event For Immortal]Show gairo combination, upgrading step by step!

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Name: Jello
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Server: 5
So with every team I have so far- working on my 4th but I use the best combinations with titan realm bonus- so any 3 of a particular group that gives extra stats! These are the beginner troops and probably best early game.

This is my Titan group- very strong in the start of the game and I just got Cronus so when I upgrade my Hall one more time I'll have room for him instead od Coeus.
This group is pretty nice.

Theia Helios and Mnemosyne are my main group atm. Highest level Gairo I have. They have Cav/Archer/Infantry
Theia and Helios do all the damage while Mnemosyne is soaking all the damage.

This is my second group I'm trying to get kinda strong but I will have to swap out or get rid of them eventually, Only prometheius is strong mainly and the 3 star is ehanced 3x but I feel like i'll get a better rotation going on sooner or later.

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