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[combination] Secrets to Significantly Increase Your PvP Proceeds

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The Landlord
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There are PvP battles in the game where players on both sides have limited battle experience, resources and rewards. At the end of the battles between regions or alliances, it will appear that the players have not won anything other than a little bit of territory, and that is because everybody has forgotten about the ruins.

What Are Ruins?
These are the so-called ruins. At this point, please take a moment to examine the effect, especially the second line that said, "other buildings may randomly drop a certain level." This is a very important statement. It means that if you occupy this ruin and build a subcity in the center of it in a 3*3 grid, you get to inherit the levels of the buildings in the ruins! Although some levels may randomly drop, if you are lucky, the ruins may contain all advanced buildings such that even when the level randomly drops by one or two, what remains is still a LV17 or LV18 building, and they are all for the taking!

What Does it Look Like?
When you see many broken logs on the land then it must be a ruin.

How Do Ruins Come About?
We all know that once the enemy has leveled the main city's durability to zero, the main city will be occupied, and if we attack another's subcity and level its durability to zero, it will simply explode. After the explosion, it will form a ruin at the center of the subcity in a 3*3 area. At this time, if you build a subcity on this ruin, you will inherit the original levels of all buildings in the subcity (such as house, lumber mill and iron mill). One thing to note though is that the government hall immediately becomes LV0, hence even when the buildings in the ruins are at certain levels, these levels are not effective until you level up the government hall).

Summary of Tactics:
With this model, when you and your enemy attack each other at the same time, this becomes a significant incentive for all concerned, and it is the very reason everyone pits against one another! Hence in the war between two alliances, the targets should be prioritized as follows:
I. Subcity: You inflict the greatest damage you possibly can when you destroy your enemy's subcity.
II. Resource territory: Cut off your enemy's resources and prevent your enemy or its allies from making use of this land to launch an attack. This is very lethal.
III. Enemy's main city: Don't bother with this unless it is absolutely necessary. There is not much significance in occupying the enemy's main city. This is because once you have occupied the main city, you will not be able to occupy other lands that belong to the enemy, and when your enemy has gathered enough resources to liberate their city from you, you can be sure that no one would pass up the chance to stab you in the back.
So, in battle, try to take all your enemies' lands and destroy their subcities first before you happily declare yourself the victor and occupy the remaining lands. At the same time, by inheriting the ruins, you get to enjoy the buildings your enemies have painstakingly put in effort and time to advance. When you occupy your enemies' main cities, they are temporarily unable to go to war, but you are also helping them to conserve their soldiers and resources. Except, of course, when it is the main city of the alliance's chief. However, even then, the impact is quite limited too.

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