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What to do after delphi (beginners guide)

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Publish time: 2017-9-25 10:35

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Edited by Lukhu at 2017-11-23 02:45 What to do after taking Delphi & all state capitals       here are pictures of my personal starter team during season 3 ( can be used an ...


Morpheus Post time 2017-9-25 10:48:24
Nice guide, I myself am starting season 2 soon. I knew most but this will be helpful for some of my alliance members! Adding the required gems (6k) for the conquerers pack also helps.


good luck with season 2  Post time 2017-9-25 11:05
VFDDanfoss Post time 2019-9-22 04:17:34

What to do after delphi beginners guide

Id also like to know when I can get my beep like back to normal again. Im terrified at the moment, I was told 6 weeks from the op, what sort of advice has anyone else got?
DanfesqBindy Post time 2019-8-21 16:25:06

What to do after delphi beginners guide

Any reason you dont use Menzerna SG?  People seem to really like the deep reflectivity and glass of Menzerna SG which is what Im looking for.  How do you feel Zaino compares in this regard?
JawerplRig Post time 2019-8-20 20:21:32

What to do after delphi beginners guide

Most of the peoples that want to do mods for X4 are dissuaded to start because of the data digging that must done before all where the files are, what params must be changed, etc.
So many thanks for that usefull guide
colonel701 Post time 2017-12-19 05:43:12
Hi, may I ask if SP Sphinx or Sphinx is better? And why?