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[gairo analysis] Odin Tank Beginners Guide

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The Landlord
Edited by Lukhu at 2017-9-24 12:40

One of the most crucial things every army needs is a tank and this is why odin is considered one of the best.

Why a is a tank needed ?

the point of a tank is to keep the enemy

fire away form your other troops in the mid or rear

allowing them to keep doing damage to the enemy team

with minimal damage done to them



Odin is perfect as a tank because he has a  really high defence growth of +2.95 allowing him to tank more hits from the enemy troops

he also has a high speed & spirit growth which allows him to be more flexible in battle allowing him to do damage depending which skills you choose for him

MAIN SKILL: Valhalla

this is a really good skill because it gives a major reduction on the enemy stats which is really effective against  garios with really hight stats ratings

it also allows you to hit the enemies rear gario easier and it also gives you way more flexabiltiy whilst creating teams

Recomended skills

Cure  "Restores a certain amount of soldiers each round of the battle (recovery rate 75%)" ( the best self healing skill on the game )


Deserted City "In the first 2 turns after the battle begins, there is a 40% chance of entering avoidance status when attacked, allowing allied team to become immune to damage"


Threaten "In the first 3 turns after the battle begins, there is a 45% chance of inflicting the enemy team with cowardice, making them unable to initiate normal attacks."


Premonition "Allows you to move first every round and can launch counterattacks (damage rate 26%, affected by spirit). Enters Divine status when receives first damage, becoming immune to chaos, Slience, cowardice, berserk, and taunt effects."


Column Formation "Reduces the normal attack damage output of all allied cavalry type armies by 25% and increases their active skill damage output by 9.0% (affected by speed) ( only use this skill when other troops are cavalry and have active skills)

Recomended gario to pair with  


these 4 garios are the ones you will see paired with odin most   

Feedback appreciated so i can improve on guides in the future


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Great guide lukhu! Once i get odin i will immediately follow your directions!


<3  Post time 2017-9-25 04:25
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