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[notice] Season 3 Merge Servers 1-8 (Introduction to Misfits)

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Edited by DuMort at 2017-10-24 14:45
redgas425 replied at 2017-10-22 09:06
haha chubula.  you're the one who needs to get real.  first off, WAR is a joke of an alliance and FM ...

You guys are all right. Chub is right that even 3 weaker alliances of 100+ players can be an overwhelming amount for one alliance at one time, but Red is right that IT never even fought Legacy (aside from a small skirmish here and there), just ran. So to be fair as far as I could tell they only really fought against 2 alliances, FM (who has some of the strongest players but lack large numbers of them) and War (who as Red implied are not very strong in comparison to the others), which they should have been able to handle. But that isn’t the reason IT lost. You only have to look to Blaze’s original post to see why they lost.
1st) Blaze, before the season even started, declared total war against the whole server with zero chances of merger or ceasefires, in his own words, this was incredibly poor strategy and foresight as it leaves zero diplomatic options for his alliance. OF COURSE the whole server is going to band together against IT, Legacy didn’t even have to try to turn anyone against IT. That’s on Blaze and no one else, he set the stakes before the match even started.
2nd) Blaze’s listen to leadership rule. IT’s leadership was awful, truly bad with seemingly no strategic analysis what so ever. Like Red said, Legacy would engage IT and IT would run off to try to take another city, diverting their big hitters and losing massive amounts of ground. A really telling example is that they decided their last big push of glory would be against a pve target Megadarra. It’s no coincidence a lot IT’s leadership were the first to jump ship to Legacy right after that, which is probably a bad thing for Legacy to have let them in the alliance, makes Legacy weaker. But I digress. I have no idea how they promoted their leaders, but Blaze should have been a bit pickier in his choices, maybe an analytic thinker or two that could say skip the PvE, all heavy hitters to the front, or someone that would tell him not to make a post declaring war on the whole server before the season even starts.
3rd) Blaze was overconfident, talked like his numbers would just role over the entire server, but his numbers weren't really there and his alliance was full of farmers and not much else. I can’t blame the alliance either because IT leadership was prioritizing PvE targets over engaging with Legacy so they were entirely following their leadership’s example. They were never a match for the combined Legacy and FM (Omitting War and Hydra because they weren’t needed). And yes, most of those PvE farmers are now in Legacy.

So when "god" says Blaze lost, I actually agree, it all boils down to Blaze and Misfits’ leadership is why IT lost, they are probably all great people but they made a lot bad calls, had poor strategic priorities, and didn’t know how to lead others to win. They put their alliance in the situation of the whole server vs them with no way out and no way to back up their talk. They had no idea or strategy to win outside of farming, which I will concede that they did better than anyone else including Legacy (held #1 in rank for a long time).

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