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[gairo analysis] Forseti/forseti: A legendary in epic clothing?

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The Landlord
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Edited by SlippperyGypsy at 2017-7-31 22:17

One of the most crucial aspects of one's army is CC (Crowd control), this involves either confusion, silence, cowardice, or chaos
Definitions for these effects and further skills can be seen here Skills list

Forseti has almost one of the most effective cc skills in the game and very high spirit growth, thus making him extremely widely used and very effective


As can be seen, his spirit growth is rather high and at level 50. With the 50 attribute points, his spirit reaches up to about 212
Since he is an epic, the result is that his cards are much commonly summoned than spirit legendaries thus you can enhance him up to 4 times for 40 extra attribute points to have up to 252 spirit,  rivaling that of Poseidon, who is an extremely high damage dealer in spirit attacks and is seen doing over 20k dmg with the right skills

As seen above, he has the possibility to cause the enemy either to not be able to cast normal attacks, active skills, to hit their own teammates or all at once. Further more it lasts for 3 turns. A battle lasts for 8 turns maximum until resulting in a draw, so there is a possibility that one or more of your enemy gairos is incapacitated for 3/8 of the battle allowing your troops to sweep in and attack without worrying about taking hits

In addition to this, he prevents the targeted gairo from recovering any losses thus making him a good pair with Thor, which we will be getting into later on

Heres an example of his skill in action:

As seen in this report, unfortunately, only silence was inflicted. However, that prevents Sekhmet from executing active skills for 3 turns, if it were a gairo that depended on skills, their damage inflicted would be hugely reduced

Other skills to put on Forseti could be either more CC skills or some high damage spirit skills, I will list a few here as examples.

For Both IoD (Incantation of Death) and Diversion these skills would most likely be placed on a rear gairo, thus due to Forseti's low defense and 3 range the rear position suits him very well

Lightning, in fact, is the dismantle from Forseti, it not only adds cc, but it does a reasonable amount of spirit damage, which suits Forseti very well

One of the most popular Forseti teams would be
Forseti - Thor - Baldur
Both Forseti and Thor have high spirit and prevent the enemy from healing, Baldur aids Forseti in CC skills and has good tanking capabilities, furthermore, all three gairos are Nordic Cavalry, giving good bonuses to their stats

Forsetti can work with almost any gairo except those who require the enemy to attack for certain skills, such as Hades or Arthur
When creating a team with forseti, one must remember that one of the main parts of the army is going to be CC, thus should think about adding more cc skills and have a dedicated tank
I personally have Forseti - Britomartis - Bedivere, all three have CC skills already and both Forseti and Brito have high spirit allowing for high damage

Class Advancement
Last but not least is class Advancement. A recently added feature that allows a gairo to alter or advance their class to gain bonuses

Because advancing the class only costs two epics, I highly recommend it, both choices are good as they allow Forseti to attack first in the first 2 turns
This is crucial because if forseti can activate his CC first, then the enemy won't be able to much for the rest of the battle

Forseti is an extremely strong epic, with stats that are able to rival legendaries and a very powerful main skill he might as well be a legendary. Furthermore, his low cost of 2.5 allows him to be utilized early game, such as the start of season 2, he mostly occupies the rear position due to his defense but can dish out major damage if the right skills are added

Hope this helps

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