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[bugs] Cant log in without wifi

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The Landlord
Post time 2017-7-14 23:12:53 From the mobile phone | Show the author posts only Reply Awards |Descending |Read mode
The game goes through the login phase but when I hit the "START" button it restarts the log in phase and I get no connection error. I have unlimited data and ovber a gig of space, so those arent the issues. Its not the best phone but I got this phone a month amd a half agho and havent had this problem. I can log on with wifi, which sucks because I havbe unlimited data so I dont havbe wifi at home. I plan to get wifi, but thats neither here nor there as far as the game is concerned. Can you please resolve the issue or inform me how to myself? Thank you for your time. Great game though. Only thing I would like to see is the attribute points we earn from leveling up our Gairos, turn over to the new season along with our enhancement points. As in the ten point we get for every ten levels should be rewarded in seasons two and three. Reset them but give us those points to alocate in the next season as a kind of bonus for those who havbe put in that time, since we loose everything else. It would also be nice to have the skills stay at the level they are from the previous seaskn, but I could live without that as long as we had the level points. Other than that Great game! Oh and I have lost a few tiles that I have clearly won (10,000 troops beats 3,000) in the second phase of combat, after a first round draw but it hasnt awarded me the tiles. Its happened on one level 4 four, three lv5, and one lv6 tiles, or at least thats all Ive noticed. I havent found it a good enough eason to complain though I was close. Especiallty on the lv6. Thanks again.

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