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How to Grow Faster than Rivals in S2?

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The Landlord
How to Grow Faster than Rivals in S2?

1. Gairo Combination and Skill Collocation

At the early stage of a season, Gairo’s COST and the loss in battle take the central stage.

1)The only method to increase COST at the beginning is to level up Government Hall. The higher level increases the COST, which helps to form a core army rapidly.

2) Gairo Combination Recommendation

Group 1:
Rear Hyperion(3.5)+ Center Britomartis(2)+ Front Aphrodite (2):

1) The total COST of the army is 7.5, which require alv.6 Government Hall to create it.
2) Hyperion, which can be replaced by Sphinx, releases the main output. Britomartis, whose initial skill is a control skill, can make a control on enemy. Aphrodite, whose initial skill is to recover soldiers, can greatly reduce the loss in battle.
3)  Skill Collocations:
Hyperion (equipped any skills which do huge output damage)
Britomartis (Lightning + Labyrinth)
Aphrodite (Threaten + Line Formation)

Group 2:
Rear Ra (3)+ Center Nephthys (2)+ Front Hathor (2)

1) The total COST of the army is 7, which require alv.5 Government Hall to create it. Moreover, it enjoys class bonus and realm bonus.
2) Ra—Gairo to do main output
Nephthys—to recover soldiers
Hathor -- can do both control on enemy and large damage
3)Skill Collocations:
Ra (equipped any skills of high spirit),
Nephthys (Line Formation),
Hathor (Deserted City / Threaten)

Group 3:
Rear Britomartis(2)+ Center Apophis (2)+ Front Anubis (3.5):

1) The total COST of the army is 7.5, which require alv.6 Government Hall to create it.
2) Britomartis /Anubis has initial skill that can do control on enemy, but should strengthen the output damage
3) Skill Collocations:
Britomartis (Line Formation)
Apophis (Spirit Flames)
Anubis (Intermediate Confusion / Surprise Attack / Gust)

(Line Formation: this skill must be dismantled out in S2, which is suitable for all the archery army. The amount of damage it released will be affected by its spirit, so it is recommended to put on the Gairo with high spirit.

2. Level up Gairo

Thiea is crucial Gairo to help your Gairos to acquire EXP and level up rapidly. To attack the nearest lv.5 land repeatedly with the army including Theia can level up your Gairos to lv.5 swiftly. However, do not conscript any soldiers during this time, and then you can unlock the second skill slot. Now it is the time to conscript soldiers to attack higher level lands.

When you intend to attack high level lands(such as lv.4 or 5 ), it is better to attack it with a Calvary army, and then check the battle report. If the defenders include the Gairo of Theia, you’d better to give up it at that moment and try not to attack it until defenders are refreshed.

3. Main Quest

Try to complete the quests with abundant resources rewards first at the beginning of S2, and keep the quests without resources temporarily.
Level up the Government Hall to lv. 7 as fast as you can, then you can:
1) You will be able to deploy more excellent Gairos into your army
2) Lv. 7 Government Hall will unlock the building of Barracks, which can increase your troops hugely (a great preparation to attack lv. 5 land)

1) After you occupy a high level land successfully, you can harvest on it to gain big amounts of resources in a shot time. Meanwhile, this can make full use of your orders at the early stage.
2) You need to level up Warehouse to lv. 15 or above before upgrading Government Hall to lv.7
3) Do not continue to upgrade these buildings(Speed Camp, Steel Camp, Will Camp, Bravery Camp) any more after they have reached to lv. 3, and you are supposed to level up them when sufficient resources are produced in later stage.


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Conquest are the fate of successful and hard working people as some pictures are hanged in the wall of the library. Hence review generates the cost of army that government are given to them.
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