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[gairo analysis] SP Sphinx [Season 1 Reward] Analysis

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The Landlord
Edited by Titan at 2017-5-27 21:39

At the end of season 1. 5 special Gairo can be selected as rewards by members of top ranking alliances. The amount of SP gairo able to be aquired by a player depends on that alliance's achievements and their rank within the alliance.
SP Lancelot
SP Sphinx
SP Ymir
SP Prometheus
SP Aphrodite

Some are far most useful than others. One of the more useful SP Gairo is SP Sphinx.

Desert guardian god, according to the legend, he has a wealth of wisdom and knowledge and is a symbol of kindness and nobility.

Level 10 Skill details:
Sphinx's skill is a chase attack which both deals damage and reduces attack damage from the enemy gairo's next attack.
At level 10 (maximum level) the damage rate is 235% with a 40% chance to hit after each normal attack.

Sphinx activating Entangle skill (level 10):

The reduction effect of Entangle is applied to the enemy gairo's next attack:

SP Sphinx is a strong gairo to begin a new season with and the low cost of 2.5 makes it easy to fit into early armies (that have heavy cost restrictions).
Defense growth is enough that Sphinx can even occupy the front row position in an army until a more suitable tank comes along. Entangle also helps the tanking role with damage reduction effect.

With Mortal Combo skill applied, this gairo is an early season powerhouse that can dish out a lot of damage in the early turns. This is important as during the beginning of a season, most battles (on land level 1,2,3,4,5) only last for around 4 turns.

Suggested Skills:
Mortal Combo

Alternative skills (if suggested skills are unavailable or used by other gairo):
Armor Penetration

Nickname: Titan
Server: (Commenced: season 1, server 6)
Current Season: 3
Alliance: The Iron Throne

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