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Guide [Top Skills]: In-depth Skill Breakdown – [Shield](Gold)

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Publish time: 2017-4-30 08:04

Text summary:

Edited by Titan at 2017-5-7 04:48 Skill (level 10): On a 211 Spirit Gairo, the bonus is 74.2 defense increase. Quite substantial for a 100% guaranteed passive skill. Suitable pairing Gairo/Skil ...


Zark Post time 2017-6-13 12:49:02
What kind of mitigation can you expect to see from the defensive boost?   Trying to weigh its effectiveness vs. Cure or another heal type skill.
Titan Post time 2017-5-7 04:50:12
This skill can be dismantled from either 'Crius' or 'Vidar'.
Both are 4 star Gairo.
Felgor Post time 2017-5-7 01:45:12
Which Gairo give this skill?